Who's Who in Pentecost
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 Who's Who

The Who's Who is an introduction of outstanding leaders involved in the modern Pentecostal movement from 1901 to present. We continue to add bio's as we get them. This registry also includes some early Pentecostal ministers who held the trinitarian position before the revelation of the Oneness of God came in 1913. They played huge roles in spreading the doctrine of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Please click on the links below to read the life and times of your favorite Pentecostal ministers.

  Marvin Oliver Holt Sr.
  Phillips, Mother Lula
  Boyd, Mildred
  Alexander, Titus Calvin "TC"
  Marshall, Andrew L.
  Greer, Telie Dover
  Havens, Delbert
  Price, Paul Russell
  Mason, Lillian Velma Lasley
  Schaepe, John
  Gibson, Bishop Thomas
  Parent, Bishop L.A.
  Duke, Joe (AMF)
  Glenn, Dr. Lottie
  Blackwood, Bishop Altamont G.


  Smith, Bishop Derrick H.
  Turner Sr., Bishop Carl A.
  Diggs, Josephine
  Bean, Verbal Winston
  Eva Hunt
  Orlin Ray Fauss
  Marilyn Gazowsky
  Jennings, Gino N.
  Calloway, Lucille Tanzella
  Jones, Dora V.
  James, Geraldine
  Baggett Sr., Bishop Robert A.
  Richardson, Benjamin I.
  Goss, Millicent E. McClendon
  Carothers, Warren Faye
  Garrett, Dr. Gary W.
  Russell, Bishop Enoch Samuel
  Hicks, Rev. Marvin A.
  Hart, Inez B. (Schaepe)
  James, Jeradine
  Harris, Thoro
  Thomas, Bishop F.M.
  Ayers, Bishop George W.
  Carr, Bishop Randolph A.
  Varnell, Bishop Albert Franklin
  Barnes, Bishop William Samuel
  Brooks, Henry Chauncey
  Smale, Joseph
  McPherson, Aimee Semple (Foursquare Church)
  Hagin, Kenneth E. (Word of Faith)
  Roberts, Oral
  Branham, William Marion
  Cashwell, G.B. (Church of God)
  Lake, John G.
  Woodworth-Etter, Maria B.
  Roberts, Evan
  Wigglesworth, Rev. Smith
  Wigglesworth, Smith
  Ozman LaBerge, Agnes
  Garr, A.G. (Azusa Revival)
  Crawford, Florence Louise (Azusa Revival)
  Farrow, Lucy F.
  Bosworth, F.F. (Azusa Revival)
  Llorente, Francisco (ASCJ)
  Fauss, Orlin Ray (UPCI)
  Young, George Norris (PAW)
  Young, Elzie W. (PCAF)
  Yonts Sr., Jack Edward (UPCI)
  Witherspoon, William Thomas (UPCI)
  Wise, Spencer Leslie (UPCI)
  Williams, Smallwood Edmond (BWC)
  Williams, O.W. (UPCI)
  Williams, Jesse Franklin (UPCI)
  Williams, Clairborne Price (AMF)
  Willhoite, Johnny (UPCI)
  Watkins, Charles William (PAW)
  Wade, Bernie (ICOF)
  Wagner, Norman L. (PAW)
  Vouga, Oscar (UPCI)
  Urshan, Jonathan (UPCI)
  Urshan, Andrew Bar David (UPCI)
  Travis, Glen Ray (UPCI)
  Turpin, Joseph Marcel (PAW)
  Trout, Wayne (UPCI)
  Terry, Isaac Hilliard (UPCI)
  Tenney, Tom Fred (UPCI)
  Taliaferro, Hobart Samuel (PAW)
  Swancey, Howard Arthur (PAW)
  Simpson, Albert Benjamin (CMA)
  Sykes, Joshua W. (AFM)
  Street, A.J. (PAW)
  Stanton, Jewell H. (AMF)
  Spillman, Lena (UPCI)
  Spell, Bervick Atward (AMF)
  Solomon, Jerry (UPCI)
  Smith, Karl Franklin (PAW)
  Smith, Horace E. (PAW)
  Smith, Francis Leonard (PAW)
  Sipes, James Leo (PAW)
  Singleton, Alfred (PCAF)
  Sims, Verlon (AMF)
  Shelton, Samuel McDowell (CLJC)
  Scott, Phillip Lee (PAW)
  Scism, Harry E. (UPCI)
  Schultz, David Thurman (PAW)
  Schooler, Alexander R. (PAW)
  Scheel, John Fread (Independent)
  Sassman, Arthur W. (UPCI)
  Saundars Sr., Bishop Willard Eddie (PAW)
  Bowdan, Frank (PAW)
  Sanders, Oscar Haywood (PAW)
  Rowe, Glen Beacher (PAW)
  Rowe, Worthy G. (AWCF)
  Rigdon, Calvin Lincoln (UPCI)
  Reynolds, Ralph Vincent (UPCI)
  Rennick, R.S. (PAW)
  Price, Paul (UPCI)
  Poole, Mattie (PAW)
  Parkey, William Coffey (UPCI)
  Parker, Isaac (PAW)
  Parham, Charles Fox (AFM)
  Paddock, Ross Perry (PAW)
  Opperman, Daniel Charles Owen (PAW)
  Ooton, Lee Roy (UPCI)
  O'Brien, Alton L. (AMF)
  Nelson, Bennie (PAW)
  Norris, Sturat Greene (UPCI)
  Nava, Antonio Castaneda (AAJC)
  McFarland, Robert Lester (UPCI)
  Morgan A.T. (UPCI)
  Morgan, H.B. (AMF)
  Moise, "Mother" Mary Gill (AFM)
  Moore, J.E. (PCAF)
  Moore, Benjamin (PAW)
  Moore, Herbert C. (PAW)
  Mooney, Paul D. (UPCI)
  Mills, Grover C. (PAW)
  Mefford, Dallas Ray (AMF)
  McNairn, A.C. (AMF)
  McMurray, Robert Wilson (PAW)
  McMillian, Homer (PAW)
  McClain, Samuel C. (UPCI)
  McAlister Robert Edward (PAC)
  Martin, Roland B. (PAW)
  Martin, Carroll (Independent Ministry)
  Maroney, Herman (AMF)
  Mahaney, Charlie Dean (UPCI)
  Lumpkin, James G. (UPCI)
  Luna, C. Norman (UPCI)
  Looper, Claudie Earl (Buddy) Independent Ministry
  Lee, Willie (PAW)
  Lewis, A. William (PAW)
  Lee, Chester Richard (PAW)
  Layne Sr., Samuel Austin (PAW)
  Layne, Austin Augustus (PAW)
  Langham, Jack Thomas (AMF)
  Lambeth, J.B. (AMF)
  Leslie, John T. Jr. (PCAF)
  Kinzie, Fredrick K. (UPCI)
  Jenkins, Jesse T. (PAW)
  Jones, Henry Willis (PAW)
  Jordan, Paul (AMF)
  Jones, Jerry L. (PCAF)
  James, Johnny (PAW)
  Johnson, Tom (AMF)
  Johnson, Apostle Lymus (ECofC)
  Johnson, Sherrod C. (CLJC)
  Jarrell, Bruce (AMF)
  Jackson, Norma Elaine (PAW)
  Jackson, Lulu (PAW)
  Hunt, Larry J. (PAW)
  Hunter, Bishop L. (CLJC)
  Hite, Benjamin Harrison (UPCI)
  Hopkins, Ellen Moore (PAW)
  Holly, John Silas (PAW)
  Holmes, Joel Nathan (WPF)
  Herman, Harry L. (PAW)
  Haney, Clyde Joseph (UPCI)
  Hancock, Ida Haywood (PCAF)
  Haymon, Don E. (AMF)
  Hancock, John Steve (Independent)
  Hanby, Stanley R. (UPCI)
  Hanby, Mark David (UPCI)
  Hall, J.L. (UPCI)
  Hair, Johnny (Independant)
  Grisham, Charles R. (UPCI)
  Gates, Lambert W. (PCAF)
  Groce, James L. (AMF)
  Grier, John Henry (PAW)
  Glass, Arlis R. (UPCI)
  Gilmer, Christopher Gregg (AMF)
  French, Talmadge (UPCI)
  Foster, James Phillip (PAW)
  Foster, Fred (UPCI)
  Foree, William Perry (PAW)
  Free, Charles Rodney (AMF)
  Floyd, David Lee (PMI)
  Flower, Joseph Roswell (AOG)
  Finnell, Charles M. (PAW)
  Ellis, William A. (PAW)
  Eckstadt, John A. (UPCI)
  Evens, Roger Lloyd (AMF)
  Ellis, David Lee (PAW)
  Essick, Henry (PAW)
  Dugas, Philip Alfred (UPCI)
  Davis, Lee O (UPCI)
  Dowie, John Alexander
  Douglas, Floyd I. (PAW)
  Davis, Herbert John (PAW)
  Cole, William H. (UPCI)
  Chandler, John (PAW)
  Cooke, George (PAW)
  Cranford, William Allen (AMF)
  Curts, Franklin Emerson (UPCI)
  Crossley, William (PAW)
  Craft, Tommy (UPCI)
  Cook, Ralph G. (UPCI)
  Clark, Fred L. (PAW)
  Chambers, Stanley Warren (UPCI)
  Cavaness, Robert Wallace (AMF)
  Caldwell, John (PAW)
  Booker Sr., Lucian Dell (JCAMI)
  Barnes, Tom Willis (UPCI)
  Barnes, Mother Leanore O. (AFM)
  Brown, G.H. (UPCI)
  Beecham, Cloyce Edward (AMF)
  Bye, H.B. (AMF)
  Burrel, William Lee (PAW)
  Burr, Murray Eugene (AMF)
  Black, Winfred I. (UPCI)
  Booth-Clibborn, William E. (PAW)
  Becton, Cleveland M. (UPCI)
  Buie Jr., Aubrey William (Independent)
  Brooks, George H. (PAW)
  Brisbin, Lawrence E. (PAW)
  Brazier, Arthur M. (PAW)
  Braziel, David (PAW)
  Branham, William Marrion (Independent)
  Branding, Harry (UPCI)
  Bowers, Paul A. (PAW)
  Booker, Larry L. (WPF)
  Bell, Eudorus N. (AOG)
  Bell, Dennis Rayford (PCAF)
  Baxter, Irvin Sr. (UPCI)
  Bass, Ralph (PAW)
  Barnett, Harry (PAW)
  Ballestero, Martyn Joseph (UPCI)
  Ballestero, Carl Joseph (AMF)
  Arnold, Marvin M.
  Alvear, Luis Antonio
  Allen, Archie Lee (UPCI)
  Albert, Calvin (UPCI)
  Abney Jr., William Charles (PAW)