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Rev. H.B. Morgan

Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

 1913 ~ 1979

Reverend H.B. Morgan was born on June 3, 1913 in Marshall, Texas. He married Nettie Mae Jones on February 3, 1934 in Hemphill, Texas. Brother Morgan began preaching at the age of (18) and preached for (47) years. He was an effective evangelist, and often served in that role between pastorates. Brother Morgan was a friend to the ministry, and worked as an assistant pastor on several occasions.

The churches he pastored full-time, were located at: Hemphill, Deweyville, Zavalla, Daiball, Lobe, Port Arthur, and Sillsbee, Texas; Fields, Cittonvalley, Starks, Lunita, and New Orleans; Louisiana. Poplarville, and Laurel, Mississippi; Miami, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia.

As a member of the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship, Brother Morgan also served on the General Board of Elders. After an illustrious ministry, Brother Morgan went home to be with the Lord on January 1, 1979



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