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Rev. Johnny Willhoite

United Pentecostal Church International 

1938 ~ 1997

Reverend Johnny Willhoite was born September 30, 1938 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He was truly a man with outstanding vision and commitment. As a revivalist, he felt the greatest contribution he could make in world-wide revival was not the actual crusades he might conduct, but rather the training of many nationals, so that they could hold revival meetings, and crusades in different parts of the world.

While a memberof the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship, Brother Willhoite served as a missionary to the Philippian Islands. After joining the United Pentecostal Church International, he became a fully appointed missionary with the foreign missions divisions. After struggling with physical problems, Brother Willhoite suffered two severe heart attacks, and was not expected to live, but was miraculously given many more years of service for the work of the Lord.

Determined to make every day count for God, he made an incredible contribution to the cause of world-wide evangelism. One of his greatest contributions was the preparation of very good literature, especially for the training of evangelist' around the world. Brother and Sister Willhoite were in Belize, working hard on the Bible  School facility when he suffered yet another severe heart attack. This outstanding servant of God died on December 5, 1997 at the age of 59. His funeral service was held at Life Tabernacle Church in Houston, Texas. He shall be long remembered by his many friends of whom he made a great impact upon. Audio Recordings of Brother Johnny Willhoite are available in our audio library.


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