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10 Jun 2013





Rev Paul Price
United Pentecostal Church International
1922 ~ Present
Paul Price was born on February 14, 1922 at Brookhaven, Mississippi. Until he was about thirteen years old, he lived in Jackson and Rolling Fork.

At age twelve, he received the Holy Ghost in a revival meeting held on the front porch of his uncles home.  He had no church or pastor at that time to keep the many who had received the Holy Ghost together, and many became scattered with their newfound faith.

The family then moved to Kerman, California, where a little church began in an outdoor tent meeting.  It was at this time that Paul gave his life to Jesus Christ to never look back. It was a highlight year, for he also finished high school that same year.

Elder Brother Toole became his pastor, whom Paul claims as the only pastor of his life. He valued his ministry and loved him until the day Brother Toole died when he was ninety-two years old.

In the year of 1942, at the ripe age of nineteen, Brother Price moved to Sacramento and met his wife to be, Alyce Hammond.  May 3rd became the day of celebration as his seventeen-year-old bride and he took up their residence in a small house behind their grandmothers place.

Three daughters were born to them: Gaylyne, Renee and Karla.  Renee and her husband, John Noyes, have a son Brondin. Karla and her husband, Keith Green, have two daughters Erica and Andrea, and Erica and her husband, Scott Lankford have the Prices first great-grandson, Brice.

Before long, a knock at the door of their home opened up to Brother and Sister Toole Sr, who had been awakened to hear the Lord speak to get up and travel to Sacramento; tell Paul to leave their haven for it was time to start their ministry.

In time, the Tooles gave up the work in the little country church, and Brother Price spent the next four years pastoring his home church. While there, he received a call from God to go to Napa, California to start a home missions church, and has been there for fifty-four years.

He served in every department of the Western District in some position except for Ladies Auxiliary. He was elected as the District Superintendent of the Western District in 1965. He served at that time on the General Board for thirty-four years and was a part of many committees. He also was chairman of the Building Committee to raise money for the new Headquarters building in St. Louis, MO. He resigned the office as District Superintendent after serving in that position for thirty-four years, and likes to addand lived happily ever after.




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