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Rev. Wayne Trout

United Pentecostal Church International

1933 ~ Present


Wayne Trout was born on January 30, 1933 in the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania near the small community of Georgetown. Raised on a farm, he learned how to work hard at a young age. He walked one and a half miles to the Presbyterian Church on Sunday; he received an 8-year award for perfect attendance.

At age 14, he and his younger sister Clara were forced to leave home. He applied for a job at General Motors and told them he was 16 yrs old to get the job, it was a matter of survival in order to provide for his sister.

At age 16, living in a boarding house, he met a young man who invited him to church. They went to the Broad Street Pentecostal Church in Oxford, PA where he was baptized in Jesus name by Pastor Edward Brack. Bro. Trout attended Pentecostal Bible Institute (PBI) in Tupelo for 1 year.
At the age of 19, Bro. Trout received his call from the Lord; he wanted to start a church. He was determined to do the will of God in his life. There were those who said he was too young or that it was impossible, but none of it discouraged the young man who would later be nicknamed the jumping jack of the East due to his tireless enthusiasm for the things of God.
Bro. Trout established the first Jesus name work in the State of Delaware in 1952the Gospel Light Tabernacle in Wilmington, Delaware. They started by renting a building. The Mission at 2nd and Adams Street in downtown Wilmington. Later they bought property and he built a church. He learned building skills that he would use in later years help support his family and build churches. The same church building still stands and has a thriving congregation to this day. Over the last 57 years, those hands have constructed10 buildings and additions for the three churches.
 Bro. Trout served as Youth President for the Eastern District of the United Pentecostal Church which at that time consisted of the states of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He started an outreach in Salem, New Jersey. Two men from this work became home missions pastors.


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