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            Bishop William Samuel Barnes Sr. (1909 - 1987


Born October 11,1909 to  the late Joseph and Mary Barnes in Baltimore, Maryland where he was educated and raised. One out of eleven kids he was the only one who was made to go to church with his father who was a lay-minister in the Methodist Church.

Bishop Barnes became strongly affiliated with holiness through the life and death of his mother in law Mother Amelia Johnson of the First Apostolic Faith Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bishop Barnes was married to Mother Geneva Johnson-Barnes April 6,1928 from their union was six children.

Bishop Barnes attended First Apostolic Faith Church were the founder and pastor was the late Bishop Joseph Marcel Turpin. At First Apostolic Faith Church Bishop served in many capacities an usher, male chorus, Sunday School teacher, minister, and was the first brotherhood president in which he served over 80 brothers.

In 1946 he founded the St. Paul Apostolic Faith Church. From a storefront building, to the living room of his home, to another edifice, and now at its present location erected in 1958 being the first apostolic faith church in Baltimore City.

St. Paul is affiliated with the Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, Incorporated since its beginning in 1946 were the Presiding Bishop was the late Bishop Randolph A. Carr.

While serving the Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, Inc. he served as the Overseer of the southern district in 1958, in 1966 ordained to the office of Bishop, 1967 became chairman of the board of bishops and the assistant to Bishop R A Carr.

On October 26,1970 Bishop Carr pastor of Rehoboth Church (700 Popular Grove Street Baltimore, Md.) and Presiding Bishop of The Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, Inc. went to sleep in Jesus. After the passing of Bishop Carr, Bishop Barnes became pastor and presiding bishop and served those positions for 17 years along with him pastoring St. Paul for 42 years.

Bishop Barnes went to rest in The Lord on April 2,1987.  Although Bishop Barnes gone he will never be forgotten. There are places named in his memory. A library added to St. Paul Church pastor by Josephine Diggs ( a second floor add on educational building)  Street named 2625 East Hoffman Street (Bishop William Samuel Barnes, Sr. Way) a church The William Samuel Barnes, Sr. Apostolic Faith Church Inc. founded by the late Overseer/Pastor Geraldine James.

"Building on the legacy of faith destined to succeed."

Bishop William Samuel Barnes