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7 Jun 2013


Rev. Arless R. Glass
United Pentecostal Church International
1929 ~ Present


What saints had to endure! Three years of military service, home, and immediately on the evangelistic field. I was discouraged from going to Bible College as I was told, The door is open for you now! How green! Geri and I were singing together and would start our service with a chorus. One night I rushed to the pulpit, she with her accordion began to play and I began to sing. She stopped playing. I turned to her and asked, Arent you going to sing? She said, What song? She was playing the right song, I was singing another. The pastor was bending over laughing. Somehow I recovered and we continued with the service. A church member invited us over to have a snack and they had tape recorded the singing of the night before. I saw how the poor saints were suffering! Since then I never wanted to sing again.


In November 1956 we accepted the UPC of LaMarque, TX. After nearly six years God spoke to me and said, I want you in Pasadena. For 46 years I have remained in the city of my calling. I have been involved in many programs and offices. Sunday School Director of the Houston section; one of the founders of Texas Bible College; District Foreign Missions Director; Regional Home Missions Director; Evangelism Commission; Board of Directors, TBC; Instructor, TBC; Bachelor of Theology degree, TBC; Lt. Col. CAP, auxiliary, USAF; Police Chaplain, Pasadena Police Department; Superintendent of Education, Endorsing Agent for Military chaplains; founded the UPCI Chaplaincy program; organized the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, k-12; one of the founders of Urshan Graduate School of Theology; received Honorary Doctorate in Pentecostal Studies, Apostolic Bible Institute; member of the Texas District Board; South Texas District Board; the General Board and Board of Education. Many committees, both district and national, assisted in rewriting the Judicial Procedure; listed in Whos Who in 1978, and Whos Who of Executives and Professionals, 2007; chosen by Whos Who to be one of the ten professionals to be featured on their web page at no cost, and awarded a Masters Diploma in Apostolic Studies.


God has blessed me wonderfully in over 60 years of Christian service, 58 years as a minister in the United Pentecostal Church, International. The greatest of all blessings is He made me a son! Audio Recordings of Arless Glass are available in the Audio Library of the Apostolic Archives International.



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