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8 Jun 2013


Elder Henry Willis Jones

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

1904 ~ 1996

District Elder Henry Willis Jones was born on August 14, 1904, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Elder jones was first of two children born to George and Lily Pearson Jones.

Henry W. jones received his early education in Spartanburg Public Schools and, after receiving his high school diploma, he later graduated from Ragsdale candy College in East Orange, New Jersey.

In 1923, Henry was joined in marriage to the late helen B. Smith. And, this union of forty-eight (48) years lasted until the time of Helen's death in April of 1971. It was in 1929 that the Jones's moved to Fort Wayne. After this move, they went into business making and selling candy and sandwiches in Fort Wayne's downtown area.

During the late 1920's no Apostolic Congregations existed in the Fort Wayne area. However, the Lord had a plan from which a new apostolic Church would spring forth. Under the leadership of the late Elder Luther W. Gray, Christ Temple Apostolic church held its first public service on July 4, 1932. It was during this meeting that the Holy Ghost moved on the hearts of henry and Helen Jones; the Jones' both wanted to receive the new birth experience.

With a conviction to be 'born again', on July 12, 1932, just eight days after the June 16 meeting, both henry and Helen Jones were baptized in the name of Jesus christ for the remission of sins. Subsequently, Christ Temple's first two (2) converts were filled with the blessed gift of the Holy Ghost!

With the influence of the Holy Ghost, Brother Jones and his wife began to work for the Lord under the guidance of their pastor, Elder Gray. Brother jones grew in his walk with the Lord and eventually acknowledged a call on his life to carry the Word of God. He later became a licensed Minister through the Apostolic Bible Students Association of Indiana, Inc.

In 1934, Christ Temple congregation grew in number, Elder Jones was called to work with Elder Gray as the church's first Assistant Pastor. As he continued to serve the Lord, Elder Jones not only studied the Holy Bible, he also attended Aenon Bible College where he graduated with a Degree in Divinity. Sometime later, Elder Jones became an ordained minister in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

In March of 1933, Elder Gray became ill and could not perform his duties. It was at this time that Elder Jones began to function as the acting pastor. After the death of Elder Gray in January of 1944, Elder Jones was installed as the new leader of Christ Temple Apostolic Church. As the church membership continued to grow, Elder Jones, who was fondly called "Elder," felt the call of God to lead the saints to build a new sanctuary. Recognizing the need to move soon, a property site located at 1327 Winter street was purchased and construction for the new church began. 1949, a dedication service for the newe edifice was led by, then Aenon Bible Student President, Bishop Karl F. Smith.

As  Elder Jones continued to serve the people of God, he fathered many sons and daughters in the gospel who have followed him into a ministry of preaching and teaching God's Word. And, throughout his years of service "Elder" grew in the grace, wisdom and knowledge of the Lord, and was therefore elevated to district Elder Henry W. Jones.

After serving as a Pentecostal Minister fifty-three (53) years, almost forty-four of which were spent pastoring Christ Temple Apostolic Church, the late Bishop Watkins, oversaw District Elder Jones' retirement services.

Fpllowing his retirement, District Elder Jones was still like a strong tree planted by the rivers of water; he ould not be moved. He fought a good fight in which he was both a friend and a servant of God; he finished his course; and he will be long remembered as for his good deeds. On August 15, 1996, District Elder Henry W. Jones departed this life.

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