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10 Jun 2013


Rev. Alton L. O'Brien

 Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

 1939 ~ 1991

Reverend A.L. O'Brien was born in Pickering, in Vernon Parish  Louisiana. He graduated from Montrose High School in 1939, and attended Louisiana School Institute in Natchitoches. He lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana for a number of years. Alton and Emalie Donahue were married in 1941. In 1960 their only one child, Roger Glenn, died at an early age from leukemia. Brother O'Biren was saved at the age of (17) under the ministry of J.W. Evans, and worked with him in Lake Charles, Louisiana as his assistant for (12) years. He and Sister O'Brien evangelized across the country for one year before settling down to pastor.

His first pastorate was in Indian Village, Louisiana. Then, while still pastoring in that town, he also became pastor in Topsy, Louisiana. In 1953 he resigned the Indian Village Church and in 1954 became the pastor of the First Pentecostal Church in Starks, Louisiana. Under his administration the congregation grew to about 450 members.

Brother O'Brien was an active community leader in the Starks area, and also served Southwest Louisiana as the second presbyter of the Louisiana district of the United Pentecostal Church International. In 1968 he became part of the newly founded Apostolic Ministers Fellowship. In the early years of the AMF he was elected general chairman, but did not finish his term before resigning. His ministry left a positive impact on the lives of many people. He was known to be rather reclusive in his personal life, but was powerful and forthright under the anointing. Brother O'Brien past away on Monday, February 4, 1991. He left behind an unforgettable legacy. He will forever be remembered as a true legend and defender of the oneness message. Audio Recordings of Elder A.L.O'Brien are available in our Resource Department.

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