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9 Jun 2013


Elder Grover C. Mills

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

1894 ~ 1974

District Elder Grover C. Mills was born November 16, 1894, the seventh child of the late Marcus and Amanda Mills, at Bellwood, Alabama. Grover was married to Bessie Whitehurst who preceeded him in death. To this union was born four children.

Grover was saved and called to the ministry at the age of 16 years in the state of Alabama. He later moved to Indiana where he pastored in Terre haute and Muncie, Indiana. Years later he came to Indianapolis, Indiana, where, he started a church an Alvord Street.

In 1927 he built a church at 2437 Sheldon Street known as Sheldon Street Temple. Elder Mills was well known from all denominations for his dynamic preaching and singing during his summer tent crusades on the eastside of Indianapolis.

In the year of 1944, he was burdened to do something special for fallen humanity. God led him to start the rescue mission on Indiana Avenue which was known as Good Samaritan Rescue Mission, 525 Indiana Ave of which he became the superintendent. Here many souls were given refuge for their bodies and their souls. There were many people throughout the city of Indianapolis who were saved through his work and at the rescur mission.

He was married to Lucille Young who was a great asset to him in his mission and church work until the Lord called her home.

In the year of 1953 he was married to Estelle Shelto of springfield, Ohio. They began their teamwork for the Lord from Shelton Street Temple and his rescue mission to the building of Zion Tabernacle in 1958 and the educational building in 1962.

Through the dynamic preaching of the gospel, acts of benevolence, and fatherly concern for his flock, many were helped, many saved, and the church prospered and grew under his leadership.

He was a dedicated member of the A.B.S.A. of Indiana and supported all of its auxiliaries. He was appointed a district elder of the PAW and was faithful to his district until the end.

District Elder Grover C. Mills passed away on December 18, 1974 at the age of 80 years, i month, and 2 days.


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