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Bishop F.M. Thomas

He was the first Senior Bishop of the PAW
He was the Diocesan Bishop of Pennsylvania from 1950 - approximately 1995
Also pictures of his wife Mother Eunice Thomas
He was the first one to build a large edifice from ground-up in 1954 which included an attached dinning room/restaurant which was open to the public every weekend.
Membership, approximately1,000 people strong.
Later, he built a Community Center which included a Christian School called:
          The Bethlehem Temple Christian Academy.
Bethlehem Temple was one of the first churches to host the PAW National Convention in 1954, then in 1967 hosted the National Young People's Convention.
He was known to be a soul winner, and over 10,000 people were baptized in Jesus Name in Bethlehem Temple.

Bishop believed in excellent-anointed preaching for the saving of souls. Many great men and women such as Bishop Norman L Wagner, Bishops David McMurray, David Ellis, Bishops Brisbane and Paddock, Huey Rogers, Howard Tillman, Pastor Dr. Jackie McCullough, Dr. Iona Locke (A member of our Church), and many, many others graced the pulpit of this great Church.