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4 Jun 2013


Rev. Cloyce Edward Beecham

Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

1930 ~ 2005

Cloyce Edward Beecham was born on October 17, 1930, in Henderson County, Tennessee4, to the late James and robie Jones Beecham.

In the 1950's, he moved his family to Chicago in order to find work. Always a gentleman, he had been raised in the Truth, but he was not living  for God when he went there.  While in Chicago, he gave his life to God. His ministry began while he was in chicago in 1958. He soon returned to Tennessee where he began to evangelize, preaching in many churches in the North and the south. 

He served as pastor for awhile in Oak Lawn, Illinois. For a short while, he was pastor of Browns Pentecostal church and Sardis Pentecostal Church in Henderson County, Tennessee. He resigned his pastoral work to evangelize again in the late 1960's.

About 1972, Elder Beecham assumed the pastorate of the church in Pascagoula, Mississippi, where he served for fourteen years. He left the church in Mississippi because his wife was having health problems and they were responsible for the care of an autistic grandson. He intended to move back to his home in Tennessee and preach out from there and focus on the care of his wife and grandson.

On his way north, he stopped in Oak Grove, Alabama. He agreed to help the church there until they could get another pastor. He began serving there on February 5, 1986. His 'temporary" stay at Oak grove lasted until 1994, when he turned the church over to Pastor Steve Bender.

In 1994, he returned to his home in Tennessee and bought a camper and began to evangelize. He did so, successfully, until health problems slowe him down. He had a short stay helping Elder Mobley in 1995 while he recovered from heart surgery.

In August 1999, Elder Beecham had a large cancer removed from his left arm. For the next year he traveled and preached. After about a year, the cancer returned. Before he could have a second surgery he had to have surgery for an aneurism on the heart artery. This was followed by surgery that resulted in his left arm being removed. Despite all of this, he remained gentle, patient, and meek.

Elder Beecham held ministerial credentials with the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship. He was a charter member of this fellowship since its inception in 1968. A few days before he passed away, he was asked what he wanted for his birthday. His reply, while pointing up, was, "I want to go Home." His wish was granted to him as went home to be with the Lord on October 17, 2005 on his 75th birthday


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