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Rev. Irvin L. Baxter Sr.

United Pentecostal Church International

1921 ~ 2000

Reverend Irving Baxter Sr. was born July 24, 1921 in Pendleton, Indiana. He worked at General Motors in Indianapolis, Indiana before his conversion. In 1939, he was baptized in Jesus' Name and on January 1, 1940 he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in Ingalls, Indiana. The church was pastored by Sister Ruth Miriam Olson, who later became his wife when they were married in 1940.

Brother Baxter started preaching in 1942. He and Sister Baxter pastored together in Ingalls until 1944. He served in the Army from June 1944 until December of 1945. In May of 1947 they moved to Joplin, Missouri and set up a tent on the corner of 16th and Pearl Avenue, and started a church. In 1948 he bought an old Army Chapel from Fort Crowder in Neosho, Missouri, and relocated it to the corner of 15th and Pearl Avenue. Brother Baxter pastored in Joplin for (10) years. In May of 1957, he resigned the church and turned the pastorate over to Elder William J. Garrett.

Brother Baxter evangelized for the remainder of the year until November, then he went to Richmond, Indiana, and took the pastorate of the United Pentecostal Churh that was started by Rev. Robert McFarland.. Under his ministry several preachers have been developed, such as: Tom Johnson, Robert Arthur, Larry Cummings, Bill Heimer, and David Saurs. After (16) years in Richmond, Brother Baxter turned the church over to his son. In October, 2000 Brother Baxter went home to be with the Lord.  He will always be remembered as a spiritual giant, and someone who fought for the preservation of the apostolic message. Audio and Video Recordings are available in our Resource Department.

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