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Bishop L. Hunter

Church In The Lord Jesus Christ

1914 ~ 1991

 Bishop L. Hunter was born on July 18, 1914. He was first called to the ministry in 1940. He initally rejected God's call. His premise was that preaching was a serious job and not to be taken unconscientiously. He felt that he was unworthy to carry the gospel of Christ. Bishop's years of resistance was spent in agony, pain, and illness, of which, he had never experienced before. He decided to then move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For some time, God continued to deal with Bishop Hunter. Eventually, he became convinved that if he did not surrender to the Lord, his life would be taken. After running for three years, he then gave heed to the heavenly voice of the Lord and preached his first sermon on March 18, 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Lord gave this young man a vision. He showed him in that vision a Church; the interior walls, the ceiling, floors, pews, pulpit, and even the furniture. However, the location was unknown. A few months later, while walking along, he saw a sign, "Church For Rent." He called the number inscribed and made an appointment to meet with the owner. Bishop Hunter was relying totally on the Lord to guide and direct him. In doing so, he told the Lord that if it was his will for him to rent this church, let the owner be in the office awaiting and asleep.

When he arrived at the office, the proprietior was asleep. The owner unlocked the door of the building and it was IDENTICAL to the vision the Lord had shown him earlier. Bishop Hunter preached fervently, and many souls were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and were filled with the Holy Ghost. After about three years of ministering in Philadelphia, another major change took place in Bishop Hunter's life. God began to deal with him again. This time God was saying, "Go to South Carolina." Again he was reluctant to give heed to the voice of the Lord. He felt as though he would never accomplish anything in South Carolina. However, the Lord continued to say, "South Carolina."

Bishop Hunter arrived in South Carolina on January 10, 1946. He preached his first sermon just four days later on January 14, 1946. Since his arrival, there has been "corn" in South Carolina. Bishop's ministry extended over the course of 48 years, during which many were baptized "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST" for the remission their sins, and many were blessed with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. Many are continuing steadfastly in the Apostle's Doctrine until this day. Bishop Hunter was the Chief Apostle and General Overseer of The Church In The Lord Jesus Christ Of The Apostolic Faith Inc. Bishop Hunter departed from this life on July 24, 1991 and now rests from his labor.


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