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 Rev. Clairborne Price Williams (1898 - 1979)

Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

Class of 2015

Reverend C.P. Williams was born in 1898 to Noah and Ladonia Williams. He received the Holy Ghost at the age of thirteen in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 1918 he was baptized in Jesus' name in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Brother Williams was married to Mary Kraus on January 16, 1925 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They conducted evangelistic services until 1929. Afterward they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and established the First Apostolic Church. After stepping down as pastor, he served as co-pastor with his son, John David until ill health forced him to retire.

In 1938 while a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ, C.P. and Mary Williams established the Apostolic Bible Training School in Tulsa. At first is was only a mid-winter school. But in 1939 it opened on October 2, and continued until March 30, 1940. The school offered courses in bible, Church History, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Secretarial Work, English, Printing and Etc. There were ninety-four students enrolled for the 1944 term. In 1945 the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) endorsed the school, but later the endorsement was withdrawn.

 From this College came many leading ministers in Oneness Pentecost, including, Chester Hensley, James . Kilgore, James Morar, J.B. Lambeth, and many, many more. Brother Williams contracted cancer  on his face, however, being a man of great faith, he refused any medical attention. After a long battle with the decease, on July 15, 1979 "Pop" Williams as he was affectionately called went home to be with the Lord. Audio Recordings of C.P. Williams are available in our audio library.

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