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10 Jun 2013


 Rev. Ralph Vincent Reynolds

United Pentecostal Church International


Ralph V. Renyolds began his ministry in 1936 by preaching in the schoolhouses, homes, and lumber camps of six communities during closing years of "The Great Depression".  The Sunday before he went to sleep in the Lord, he concluded preaching a four-week revival just short of his eighty-ninth birthday. In that revival, fourteen received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It concluded his sixty-six years of Apostolic ministry.

Ralph Vincent Renyolds was born in Picton, Ontario, Canada. He graduated from Picton Collehiate Institute and then attended Peterborough Normal School, from thence went into the teaching profession. For twelve and one-half years he taught science and mathematics in the provincial public schools of Ontario, manitoba, and British Columbia, canada. His desire was to become a civil engineer when God called him to the ministry. In 1936 he married his first wife, helen Welsh, and for sixty-plus years they had no permanent dwelling place. He was always on the move preaching the "Gospel of Jesus christ".

As a young boy, Ralph would stand on a chair, wave his arms, and shout at the top of his voice. His answer to the question of what he was doing was, "I am preaching!" However, as a young man he declared strongly that there were two things he would never do: preach or teach. Since that time, Ralph V. Reynolds has spent sixty-two years preaching and teaching. His ministry has spanned six decades and touched two centuries.

His new-birth experience took place in February of 1934, in "The Old Brick Church" in Picton. He held credentials with three church organizations: The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, The Apostolic church, and the  United Pentecostal Church International. After ministering for six years, he was first ordained in 1942 in Picton, Ontario with the Apostolic Pentecostal church, and in 1946 his ordination was transferred to the United Pentecostal Church international.

Brother Ralph Reynolds served in many official capacities in the United Pentecostal Church International:

* Served two years as Northwest Regional Presbyter and Executive Board member.

* Served twenty-four years as a member of the General Board.

* Served eighteen years as an honorary member of the General Board.

* Served as District Superintendent of two North American Districts and one Missionary District.

* Served one year on the Foreign Missions Board.

* Served three years on the Board of Christian Education.

* Served eight years as missionary under appointment to jamaica.

* Founded four bible Schools, including the first one on a foreign missionary field.

During his ministry, Brother Reynolds pastored eighteen churches. He planted a church in the beautiful city of Cranbrook, British Columbia at the ripe old age of wighty-three. As soon as he raisede the money and built the new sanctuary, he turned it over to a young man. He never lost the vision of opening one more church, literally up to the day he passed on th his reward.

For many years, Ralph V. Reynolds was unsurpassed as a Oneness Pentecostal author. He wrote sexteen books, twenty-four units of the "Alpha Bible Correspondence Course" which are being used in many foreign Bible Schools, and authored the "Spirit of Freedom Course" for the prison and drug dependent now being used widely in the Court system. He was named "Writer of the Year" in 1985.

Eighty-six -year Ralph V. Reynolds was joined in marriage to Myrna Kelsey who was a faithful helpmeet and friend for the last two and one-half years to a great man with a failing body.

For the better part of a century a giant has walked among us. His sterling character, his strong but humble spirit, his transparent honesty, and his steady leadership often challenge those of misguided minds and unethical practices. In his mind there was no question as to right or wrong, truth or error, righteousness or unrighteousness...and he lived it before all who knew him.

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