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14 Jun 2013



Bishop Elzie W. Young

Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith

1913 ~ 1989

Bishop Elzie Young who became the third presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostoic Faith, was born on October 13, 1913 in Lexington, Kentucky. His parents, Levi and Julia Young were quite instrumental in his early childhood. A great deal of his religious characteristics were shaped and influenced by his mother. He referred to this childhood as being one that was dominated by a religious and God-fearing atmosphere. As a youngster he attended the Ruddell Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky. Upon completion he transferred to Dunbar High School also in Lexington. After successfully completing four years of academic studies there, he was graduated and later attended St. Mary's College.

Prior to his ministry, Elzie Young found gainful employment as a racehorse jockey. being a professional jockey was an exciting and challenging career experienced only by a few black Americans. Although it was fun and exciting, body weight brought the final episode of this adventurous career. No longer able to control the weight that had been threatening him, he became too heavy to ride professionally and it was at this point that he started making a turn toward his true calling, which is known by many today as the Apostolic ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After meeting the lovely Miss Ruby Edgerson from New Orleans, who was 18 years of age, they soon became engaged in a courtship that led to a holy matrimony which took place in the year 1932. This marriage lasted an honorable 43 years. Many splended moments were shared over this span of time. In 1975 after being stricken with a long devestating illness that had caused much suffering to the entire family, Ruby Young was laid to rest.

Bishop Young's spiritual conversion took place at christ Temple Church in Lexington, Kentucky under the teaching and preaching of Elder H.T. Moore. However hus early Christian life was spent on the bench, where he served as a good and faithful bench member. This eventually led him to a good sound ministry in the Pentecostal church. His elevation was gradual but steady. He is noted for a steady, faithful imput into God's work. He was later promoted to the office of District Elder, and in the year 1958, after just one year service as a district elder he was promoted to the bishopric. In 1962 Bishop Young became the Assistant Presiding Bishop of the P.C.A.F. In 1964 he became the Presiding Bishop of the P.C.A.F. and served in this capacity for 25 years until his demise. In 1974 Bishop Young married Dianna L. Gray. To this union, two sons were born.

After an extended illness Bishop Elzie W. Young departed this life on December 27, 1989 at his home.

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