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2 Jun 2020


Dr. Lottie Glenn

Affiliated with the PAW

One of the greatest, most prolific, leading evangelist, then pastors in the history of being an Apostolic is Dr. Lottie Glenn, originally from Chickaumaga, GA.

She was an evangelist for many years, starting out from her home church of Clinton St. Greater Bethlehem Temple. During her many travels over the U.S.A. she was responsible for entertaining many young evangelist, bishops, elders, and evangelists.

Two that go down in history of coming to Christ in her tent revivals were Bishop Robert McMurray of Los Angeles, CA. and Dr. Grady Benton of Oberlin, OH. One day, Bishop Robert Bernard of Adrian, MI. was seeking to know more about God and didn't know ANYTHING about the gift of the Holy Ghost. He said, "I asked the Lord for direction of who to go to to find out about the receiving of this spiritual gift.I was told in a vision, while I was driving,Go to Detroit and go to the house of Pastor Lottie Glenn" (he had NEVER heard of her!). He later asked of many people where she lived and they could not help him. He said, "The Lord allowed him to drive straight to her house, knock on the door, inquire, go in, fall on his knees, they prayed for him, and he received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost!" Hallelujah! She pastored in Detroit, MI. from 1960 until her demise in 1995 at The New Creation Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. 


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