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Rev. Joel Nathan Holmes

 Independant Ministry

1949 ~ Present

Reverend Joel Holmes was born on November 22, 1949 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, to A.O. and Agnes Holmes. He was raised in a minister's home, and at the age of sixteen, he began his preaching ministry.

Joel served as an Evangelist until he was ninteen years of age, at which time, due to his father's ill health, he began his pastoral endeavor at the First Pentecostal Church of North Little Rock.

On December 31, 1971 he and Janet Burr were united in holy matrimony. Two children were born to this union.

Brother Holmes is a powerful preacher of the gospel. His ministry has reached the lives of countless thousands of people. He is a pastor, and a friend to the Apostolic Jesus Name movement. His success in pastoring one of the largest Apostolic churches in North America is due to his commitment to prayer. Audio Recordings of Joel Holmes are available in the audio library of the Apostolic Archives International.

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