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6 Jun 2013


Elder William Perry Foree

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

1931 ~ 1988

Dr. William P. Foree, the son of Jesse and Etta Gullian Foree, was born February 2, 1932 in New Castle, Kentucky. He attended grade school in New Castle and high school at Lincoln Institute, Lincoln Ridge, Kentucky. He attended Kentucky State University, Southern Baptist Seminary and Simmons Bible College where he graduated in 1959. He served in the United States Army from October 26, 1953 to October 25, 1955.

On October 17, 1953, he was united in Holy Matrimony to the late Roberta Thomas Foree. To this union were born two children. William was baptized in the Name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost in1957 under the late David T. Schultz. After serving faithfully in his home church for a number of years, he was called to the ministry and was placed in a church to pastor by the late Bishop Schultz.

He pastored Bethel Star Apostolic Church in Lebanon, Kentucky for nine years. In 1971, a vacancy occured in the Pentecostal Assembly Church in Fort Worth, Texas, and he was called to pastor there. In May of 1973, he was called home to assure the pastorship of his home church due to the death of Bishop David T. Schultz. He served many years as Chairman of the First Apostolic Council of Kentucky and Middle Tennessee and was currently the Vice Chairman. He was on the Board of Directors at Aenon Bible College, Indianapolis, Indiana, operated by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, and was currently serving as Vice Chairman.

He believed and stood on the Word of God and was a dynamic preacher, teacher and loving pastor. Many souls were saved under his ministry. On July 27, 1985, he was united in Holy Matrimony to Bobbie A. Talley from Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. William P. Foree departed this earthly life on January 30, 1988 at the age of fifty-five years old.  Audio Recordings of Dr. William Foree are available in the Audio Library of the Apostolic Archives International.


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