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Welcome to the RESEARCH CENTER for Pentecostal studies. Our objective is to present a fair and balanced view of the events that shaped the development of 20th Century Pentecostalism, and it's effects upon the global landscape of Christianity.

Enjoy your walk through the halls of history! Meet the architects of the movement! Re-visit historical landmarks, and earth shattering events that realigned "North American Christianity" with  the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Many people have asked the question, how did it all begin? What led up to the outpouring of the Holy Ghost at the turn of the 20th Century, and who were the architects for this modern, ground-breaking movement? Come on! Lets find out together! Click on any link below and let the history come alive.

  Oneness Pentecostalism
  History of Baptism in Jesus' Name
  Baptism In Jesus' Name
  Assessing The Roots of Pentecostalism
  Ministry of John G. Lake
  Pentecostal Snake Handlers - 1910
  Galena, Kansas - America's First Pentecostal Congregation
  The Finished Work Doctrine (1910)
  Bio. of Charles F. Parham
  Pentecost in Ukraine
  History of The Assemblies of God
  William J. Seymour
  The Arroyo Seco Campmeeting (1913)
  History of Christ Temple - 1907 to Present
  Bio of G.T. Haywood
  The Indianapolis Revival (1907-1909)
  Highlights of the Latter Rain - 1906
  The Azusa Street Revival -1906-1908
  William Joseph Seymour - 1906
  The Houston Connection - 1905-1906
  Joplin, Missouri - 1904
  Keelville, Missouri - 1907
  Baxter Springs, Kansas
  Howard Archibald Goss
  Galena, Kansas - 1903
  El Dorado Springs, Missouri - 1903
  Trailblazing The Apostolic Faith
  The Wonderful History of the Latter Rain by Lillian Thistlewaite - 1900
  Agnes Ozman - My Personal Testimony - 1901
  The Importance of Water Baptism - 1902
  The Latter Rain - By Charles Parham (1900-1901)
  Stone's Folly - 1901
  The First Apostolic/Pentecostal Periodical - 1899
  Bethel Healing Home - 1898
  The Original Apostolic Faith Movement - 1901
  The Holy Ghost & Us Society - 1894
  Christian & Missionary Allience - 1887
  Zion City Illinois - 1893
  The Catholic Apostolic Church - Port Glasgow, Scotland (1830)
  Pre-Pentecostal Events: Cane Ridge (1801)
  Early Church History