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The Headquarters for the Apostolic Faith Movement

Baxter Springs Kansas

In 1904, Brother Parham began taking his meetings to some of the nearby communities. Although the crowds were not as great in Baxter Springs (a distance of about ten miles west of Galena) yet, a genuine revival was reported, with many accepting the apostolic faith message. Brother Parham was so impressed with the town of Baxter Springs (the first cow-town ever built in America) that he eventually made it the permanent headquarters for the Apostolic Faith Movement. Parham purchased the old "Zellekin" brewery  in Baxter Springs, and turned it into a multi-purpose facility including his home, the headquarters for the Apostolic Faith Movement, and the printing press for the periodical entitled The Apostolic Faith. Scattered throughout the regions of southeast Kansas, and southwest Missouri, are numerous building, and landmarks where Brother Parham once held Apostolic meetings.


 The Apostolic Faith Headquarters in Baxter Springs, Kansas

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