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Bishop Elias Wayne Law

~Ambassador of Apostolic Archives International Inc.~

Elias Wayne Law, Senior Pastor of Christ Church of Houston, was born in Russellville, Kentucky, and moved to Texas, with his family in 1952. In 1957 the family moved from Del Rio, Texas to Ft. Worth, Texas where he grew up. Wayne is the second son of five siblings of the late Rev. W. T. Law and wife Katherine. His parents instilled in Wayne a love for ministry and the value of servant hood early on in his life. Rev. W.T. Law was not only a capable minister of the Gospel, but was also an able builder contractor, erecting several church facilities during his lifetime. Wayne learned the value of the work of the ministry through "hands on" training from his father.

In 1958, Wayne met the love of his life, Judith Gail Johnson, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Johnson. Judy is the only daughter of four siblings. Her youngest brother, who is married to Wayne's oldest sister, pastors a church in West Columbia, Texas. Wayne and Judy were married June 15, 1961 in Fort Worth, Texas by Judy's uncle, the late Rev. J.N. Johnson. Shortly thereafter, in 1962, Wayne preached his first sermon, choosing for his subject, "Humility," thus launching a ministry that continues today.

The Lord blessed Wayne and Judy with three wonderful children, Gayla, Sherron, and Lyndon. In 1970, together with Judy and the children, they began their first full-time ministry assignment and moved to Bastrop, Louisiana, joining the ministry team of Joel and Lebreska Hemphill in their church and in singing ministry, "The Singing Hemphills."

Their work in Bastrop would continue until 1975 during which time Wayne and Judy became Pastors of the church established by the Hemphills, following the Hemphills move to Nashville, Tennessee. Their ministry in Louisiana extended beyond the pastorate of the local church when they became involved in denominational duties with a large major denomination, serving in numerous official capacities, two of which were director of district Tape Ministry and Editor of the "Challenger," the denominations official State Publication.

In 1979, after much prayer, the Law family began to seek new direction in their lives and in their ministry.  New thinking and a new vision became the hallmark of their ministry. As Wayne and Judy sought the Lord for continued guidance, the Lord impressed him to resign the church in Jackson, Louisiana. This meant giving up a comfortable living and making some major changes in their lives. But so be it! God never closes one door without opening another. Wayne made his living in the insurance industry for a period of time, while waiting on God to lead him in his will for his life. All the while, he was serving churches as an itinerant evangelist and blessing different congregations with his ministry.

During those transition years, the Lord directed Wayne and his family as they moved back to Texas, finally to the Houston area. After assisting several ministries and churches, Wayne became one of the founding officials with Global Network of christian Ministries, serving for six years as Secretary with this national organization.

In May of 1999, on a Friday morning, Wayne was awaken from a deep sleep, having heard a word from the Lord, and was eventually led to establish Christ Church of Houston. He and Judy were assisted by their daughters, Gayla Law and Sherron Guy along with son-in-law, Carl and daughter, Cara. Three families, who were in transition at the time, joined this new venture. having no established congregation, and choosing not to take folks from another church, the Laws simply walked by faith in this new endeavor. Although son, Lyndon, and wife Tracy, and their children were residents of San Antonio, their prayers were strongly behind their families here in the Spring area.

Wayne and Judy have been a ministry team for many years and today they serve Christ Church as pastors and Judy ministers as Praise and Worship leader. In addition to serving as Senior Pastor of Christ church, pastor Law serves the community with a unique wedding ministry, "Exclusive Weddings Limited," and also assists many grieving families in the community with his funeral ministry, "A Last Farewell Ministry," Pastor Law says, "Christ church is our heart and soul. The love that we have for our people is without measure."

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