Voice In Wilderness - 50's



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Voice in the Wilderness

The Official Organ of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith.

In 1957, Bishop Samuel N. Hancock departed the PAW, and formed the PCAF. The Voice in the Wilderness had been a PAW publication from it's inception, and published at Christ Temple in Indianapolis. Bishop Willie Lee was the pastor of Christ Temple at the formation of the PCAF, and became part of the new organization. The Voice in the Wilderness became the Official organ of the PCAF, and has remained the Official organ until the present time.


Year Month Volume Number
1955 August 23 6


Year Month Volume Number
1955 June 24 5


Yer Month Volume Number
1958 May 1 2
1958 October 1 1


Tear Month Volume Number
1959 August N/A N/A


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