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Pentecostal Authors (C through D)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Publish Date Binding Style
Campbell, David All The Fulness 2016 Paperback
Campolo, Tony How To Be Pentecostal Without Speaking in Tongues 1991 Hardback
Chaffln, Robert Rogers Pioneers, Preachers and Patriots 2005 Paperback
Chalfant, William B. Aspects of Preterism 2005 Paperback
Chalfant, William B. Ancient Champions of Oneness 2001 Paperback
Chalfant, William B. Sabellius: His Life and His Theology N/A Paperback
Church of God In Christ Preaching COGIC Style 1996 Paperback
Coon, Gregory Intrusion 2005 Paperback
Collier, William Howard A Brief History of the Bishops of the PAW 2011 Paperback
Collier, William Howard Evangelism and Pulpit Etiquette 1999 Paperback
Copeland, Kenneth A Journey of Faith 1997 Hardback
Craig, Glenn W. Modesty 2004 Paperback
Cristo, Paz De Peace of Christ (Bio of Antonio C. Nava) 2023 Paperback
Croone Sr., James D. Seymour and Parham 2016 Paperback
Davidson, Glen The Development of the Trinity 2012 Paperback
Davis, Bill The Godhead Made Easy 2000 Paperback
Davis, Bill Gun Thunder 2002 Paperback
Davis, Bill Shadow Man 2001 Paperback
Davis, June Starr Life After 70 N/A Paperback
Dayton, Donald W. Theological Roots of Pentecostalism 1987 Paperback
Dees, Marvelle A Secret Place 1994 Paperback
Dees, Marvelle Heirs Together 2002 Paperback
Defendorf, Lee It's All in God's Plan 2016 Paperback
DeHaan, M.R. Pentecost and After 1965 Hardback
DeMerchant, Bennie Still Flying Full Throttle 2015 Paperback
Dixon. Danny Andre Essential Christian Baptism 1987 Paperback
Dornhecker, Doug Camp Meeting At Turner - 1885 N/A Paperback
Dortch, Richard Integrity 1992 Hardback
Douglas Sr., John E. Let your Women Keep Silence 1958 Paperback
Dugas, Paul Preaching With Purpose 1967 Paperback
Dugas, Paul Trinity or Oneness? 1991 Paperback
Duke, George C. The Winds of Megiddo N/A Paperback
Dyson, Eddie PK's (Preachers Kid's) N/A Paperback


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