Dr. La Monte McNeese
Ambassador of Church History




Dr. LaMonte McNeese

~Ambassador of Apostolic Archives International Inc.~

On behalf of the Apostolic Archives International, Inc., Dr. LaMonte McNeese is an Ambassador of Church History.


Dr. LaMonte McNeese was born twice, the first time was at St. Louis, Missouri, June 23, 1960. He was raised in East St. Louis, Illinois. The second time was on July 19, 1978, when he was baptized into the body of Christ.

He was raised in the Apostolic faith and is a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. and the Mighty First Apostolic Council of Kentucky and Tennessee where he currently serves in the following positions.

     1. Council Historian

     2. Director of Christian Education

     3. Administrative Assistant

     4. Director of Adjutant and Security Services

     5. Constitution and By-Laws Committee Chairman

Dr. McNeese is a U.S. Army veteran and has traveled throughout the United States and Europe ministering the Word of God through teaching. he accepted the first pastorate in 1985 at the age of 25 and founded a Bible College the following year in Europe (Gelnhausen, West Germany).

He is the founder of the ONE WAY fellowship and ministerial association (OFMA), the Apostolic Bible College, of Clarksville, a Tennessee State Higher Education Commission (THEC) approved, certificate granting school of apologetics.

As a ghostwriter and book publisher, Dr. McNeese has brought to fruition the books and dreams of many prominent pastors and bishops across the United States. He is the author of seven books to include, The 10 Commandments of Bible Study. The Sunday School Manuel and the award winning, 25 Traits of Great Bible Teachers.

He is a strong proponent of non-traditional Christian education with a passion for exegesis and biblical accuracy.

Dr. McNeese holds earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Biblical Studies from Florida International Seminary as well as a Ph.D with an emphasis in Theology.

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