Joseph Patterson
Ambassador of Church History



Elder Joseph Patterson

~Ambassador of Apostolic Archives International Inc.~

Joseph Patterson, born April 4, 1971 in Baltimore, Maryland to the late Audrienne Johnson and the late Joseph Patterson-Lebine.

Raised in my great grandparents (Mabel and George Barnes) home. A GOD fearing and loving household was the beginning to know GOD. Being taught weekly, Sunday school lessons by my great-grandad George E. Barnes on Saturday night started my love for going to church. I started attending Sunday school at St. Paul, Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic Inc. Bishop William Samuel Barnes Sr. Pastor. From there I had the zeal to know Christ for myself. From Sunday school to staying for service, GOD has elevated and enhanced me to know more of Him for myself. In 1983 I received water baptism in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, and in 1981 I received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

My love for the history of the church came from when I used to hear my great-uncle, Pastor William S. Barnes, speak about his Pastor, which was Bishop Joseph M. Turpin, founder and pastor of the First Apostolic Faith Church in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), and his presiding bishop, Bishop Randolph A. Carr, founder of the Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic Inc. and the Pastor of Rehoboth Church of God, 700 Popular Grove Street, also in Baltimore, MD. Another matriarch of the gospel. It has given me the zeal to continue to share with the next generation of how we have had great men and women to care about the soul of the people that share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I consider myself a preacher's friend. I have assisted Pastors, Preachers, and Presiding Bishop's. Serving them by carrying their briefcases, robes, Bibles, and sometimes physically carrying them so they could minister.

My purpose in life is to share what was shared with me and that is JESUS CHRIST, and the great men and women of GOD that impacted my life.

Ministries training and serving under:

St. Paul Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic Inc. Baltimore, MD. (Founder, Bishop W.S. Barnes 1945-1987 Pastor/Overseer Josephine Diggs 1989-Present)

The William Samuel Barnes Sr. Memorial Apostolic Faith Church Baltimore, MD. (Founder Pastor/Overseer Geraldine James, 1989-2010 Pastor/Elder Mark James, Sr. 2010-Present)

The Legacy Fellowship 2017-Present.

Shiloh Abundant Life center of Atlanta (1979-Present Founders, Bishop Darnell and Overseer, Anita Leach/Lead Pastor Darrell Reddix.)


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