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Pentecostal History Books

Title Author Published Format
A Brief History of the Apostolic Assembly (Hispanic Oneness) Ismael Martin del Campo 2004 Paper
A Brief History of the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God, Inc. N/A 1984 Paper
A Brief History of the Foreign Missionary Dept of the PAW PAW 1950 Paper
A History of the Ohio District United Pentecostal Church Evelyn Buller 2006 Hardback
An Open Door to Southern South America Pauline Mason Tolstad 1990 Paper
Ancient Champions of Oneness William B. Chalfant 1979 Paper
Andrew David Urshan and the Russian Pentecostal Church Stanley Wachtstetter 2015 Paper
Anointed To Serve (A/G History) Wlliam W. Menzies 1971 Hardback
Another Wave of Revival Frank Bartleman 1962 Paper
Apostolic Heritage Series - From a Oneness Apostolic Perspective Thomas Weisser 1995 Paper
Apostolic History Outline Marvin M. Arnold 2000 Paper
Apostolic Revivals and Camp Meetings Harvey Shearer N/A Paper
Apostolic Roots A Goodly Heritage Ross P. Paddock 1995 Paper
Aspects of Pentecostal Charismatic Orgins Vinson Synon 1975 Paper
Assemblies of God, The - A Popular History Edith W. Blumhofer 1985 Paper
Azusa Street Frank Bartleman 1925 Paper
Azusa Street and Beyond L. Grant McClug Jr. 1986 Paper
Azusa Street Mission & Revival, The Cecil M. Robeck Jr. 2006 Paper
Azusa Street Outpouring Gwyneth Williams 2018 Paper
Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories Tommy Welchel 2008 Paper
Azusa Street Revival 100 Years, The TBN 2006 Paper
Bible, Trinity & Matthew 28:19, The Marvin Arnold 2002 Paper
Biographical Dictionary of African-American Holiness Pentecostals (1880-1990) Sherry Sherrod DuPree 1989 Paper
Black Sects and Cults Joseph R. Washington, JR. 1972 Paper
Cane Ridge Meeting House, The James R. Rogers 1910 Paper
Century of the Holy Spirit, The Vinson Synan 2001 Hardback
Charismatic Century, The Jack W. Hayford 2006 Hardback
Christian Church History Marvin M. Arnold 2002 Paper
Christianity Without The Cross Thomas A. Fudge 2003 Paper
Chronicles of Pentecostalism & the Apostolic Movement Gary W. Garrett 2003 Paper
Church History S.C. McClain 1959 Paper
Devotions and Discipline of the Azusa Street Mission Larry E. Martin 2004 Paper
Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements Gary B. McGee 1988 Hardback
Early Church, The Henry Chadwick 1978 Paper
Early Interracial Oneness Pentecostalism Talmadge L. French 2014 Paper
Early Pentecostal Revival, The James L. Tyson 1992 Paper
Ecclesiastical History Eusebius 1991 Paper
Father McCarthy Smokes A Pipe and Speaks in Tongues R. Douglas Wead 1972 Paper
From Crutches to Wings (Pentesostal History) Glenn Craig 2002 Paper
Fire From Heaven Harvey Cox 1995 Paper
Globalization of Pentecostalism, The Murray W. Dempster 1999 Paper
God Is Not Christ Temple's Enemy: Man Is! Harry W. Goodloe 2003 Paper
Great Revival in Wales, The S.B. Shaw 2002 Paper
Heaven Below Grant Wacker 2001 Hardback
His Story, History and His Secret (Life through the eyes of 109 year old Otis Clark) Gwyneth Williams 2018 Paper
History of Oneness Pentecostal Churches, Little Rock, AR., (1920 - 1950's Wayne Rowley Sr. N/A Paper
History of the Christian Church Marvin Arnold 1997 Paper
History of the Church of God In Christ (1907-2004) N/A 2004 Paper
History of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Morris E. Golder 1973 Paper
History of The Original Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Bernie L. Wade N/A Paper
History of Oneness Pentecostal Churches - Little Rock and Surrounding Area. 1920 - 1950's Wayne Rowley Sr. N/A Paper
Holiness Pentecostal Tradition, The Vinson Synan 1997 Paper
Houston Connection, The (After Topeka & Before Azusa Street) V. Alex Bills 2000 Paper
I Saw The Welch Revival David Matthews 2002 Paper
In Jesus' Name - The History and Beliefs of Oneness Pentecostals David A. Reed 2008 Paper
In The Beginning (Early Pentecostal History) Larry E. Martin 1994 Paper
Interview with David Lee Floyd Larry Booker 1979 Paper
Interview with David Lee Floyd Wayne Warner 1981 Paper
Jesus Name Pentecostals of Neshoba County, Mississippi, The Clif Crosby II 2014 Paper
Manuel of Discipline, Rules of Order and Ceremonies-Apostolic Assemblies... Organization 1990 Paper
Midway Tabernacle and the Apostolic Bible Church beverly Newstrand Hicks 2010 Paper
My Study of Modern Pentecostals A.D. Urshan 1981 Paper
My Tour of the Holy Land O.W. Williams 1963 Paper
Northern Harvest  (Pentecostalism in North Dakota - Assemblies of God) Darrin J. Rodgers 2003 Hardback
Old Pentecost Apostolic Church, Bible Class Notes Bishop William R. Brock N/A Paper
Oneness Pentecostalism Daniel L. Butler 2004 Paper
Our Apostolic Heritage Robert A. Larden 1971 Paper
Our Heritage (The Illinois District of the UPCI) UPCI 1975 Paper
Our Historical Stepping Stones of the West Virginia District (UPCI) Daniel Scott N/A Hardback
Our God Is One Talmadge French 1999 Hardback
Our Roots (After the way called heresy) Delroy Gayle 2000 Paper
Pentecost Before Azusa Marvin Arnold 2002 Paper
Pentecost In My Soul Edith L. Blumhofer 1989 Paper
Pentecostal Pioneering George W. Flattery Sr. 1992 Paper
Pentecostals, The Walter J. Hollenweweger 1972 Paper
People of the Spirit (A/G History) Gary B. McGee 2004 Hardback
Perpetuating Pentecost Bill Newby 1989 Paper
Phenomenon of Pentecost, The Frank J. Ewart 1947 Paper
Quest For Revival, The Ron McIntosh 1997 Hardback
Restoring The Faith - The AG, Pentecostalism, and American Culture Edith L. Blumhofer 1993  
Restoring The Apostolic Faith J.L. Hall N/A Paper
Road To Prayer Mountain, The Billye Brim 2006 Paper
Roots of Pentecostal Belief John W. Wyckoff 2000 Paper
Skeptics and Scoffers (Azusa Street History) Larry E. Martin 2004 Paper
Small Sects in America, The Elmer T. Clark 1965 Hardback
Subjects Frequently Criticized - Church in the Lord Jesus Christ... Bishop L. Hunter N/A Paper
The Church at Auroraville (1918-1946) Jon Hardt 2011 Paper
Their Story: 20th Century Pentecostals Fred J. Foster 1995 Paper
Think It Not Strange Fred J. Foster 1965 Paper
Topeka Outpouring, The Larry E. Martin 1997 Paper
True Believers I, The Larry E. Martin 1998 Paper
True Believers II, The Larry E. Martin 1999 Paper
2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity Eddie L. Hyatt 1998 Paper
Sparkling Fountain, The (Early Pentecostal History) Fred T. Corum 1983 Paper
Unfettered Devotion K. Whaler 1985 Paper
United We Stand (UPCI) Arthur L. Clanton 1970 Hardback
United Pentecostal Church and the Evangelical Movement, The J.L. Hall 1990 Paper
Unseen Hands - The Story of revival in Ethiopia Nona Freeman 1991 Paper
Vision of the Disinherited Robert M. Anderson 1992 Paper
Visitation, The (The Brownsville Revival) Cathy Wood 1997 Paper
Voice of the Pioneers, The Eugene Holden 2000 Paper
We've Come This Far (Reflections on the Pentecostal Tradition...) Byron D. Klaus 2007 Paper
Willing Hands Pathway to Service (UPC History) UPC Ladies Auxilary N/A Paper
Winds of God, The (Early Pentecostal History) Ethel E. Goss 1958 Paper
Words That Changed the World, The (Azusa Street Sermons) Larry E. Martin 1999 Paper


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