Antonio T. Wells




Minister Antonio T. Wells

~Ambassador of Apostolic Archives International Inc.~

Antonio T. Wells was born August 24th, 1999 in Davenport, IA to the late Mr. Antonio L. Wells and Mrs Lisa A. Craig-Boddie. Reared in the Baptist Church, Wells developed a love for God and His Word during his formative years sitting in Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, and Bible Class. During his Baptist years, Wells served as Iowa State Jr. Layman's President for the Iowa Missionary Educational Baptist State Convention and also, accepted his call to preach while serving in many other roles within the baptist Church at that time.

Wells is the grandson of Suffragan Bishop Eddie G. Richards, Jr. and his late wife, Lady Marjorie A. Richards of the Hazel Crest Assembly Church of the Apostolic Faith in Country Club Hills, IL. Wells credits Suffragan Bishop Richards with expanding his biblical knowledge, his love for the people of God, and his development as a preacher of the gospel.

Through his Grandparents and his uncle, Elder Aaron K. Wells (author of the book "One-Three-One Apostolic"), Wells was introduced to the Apostolic doctrine and the fullness of the Godhead in Christ Jesus.

In December of 2017, Wells was baptized in Jesus' Name after hearing the voice of God at a funeral that Suffragan Bishop Richards was preaching. In April of 2018, Wells received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

Wells is an Alumni of Pleasant Valley High School (Class of 2017) and is currently working towards completing his General Education Credits at Scott Community College to pursue a bachelor's degree in communications in the near future. During his tenure at Scott, Minister Wells has served as President of the Black Student Union. He organized the 1st Annual Black History Month Celebration for the entire college held by the Black Student Union.

In the past, Wells has also served as a community organizer for Quad Cities Interfaith and the Gamaliel Network. During his time at Quad Cities Interfaith, Wells served on the Juvenile Justice Coalition of the Quad Cities. The Board of Directors for Quad Cities Interfaith, The Davenport Citizens Advisory Panel, and other boards.

Above all things, Wells loves to preach and teach the word of God to everyone that he can. In January 2019, Wells started an outreach ministry to reach high school and college students with the Apostolic Truth. It is a firm belief of Wells' that, "We all have a need for a WHOLE LOT MORE JESUS in times like these".

Minister Wells can be found serving weekly at the Hazel Crest Assembly Church of the Apostolic Faith, 17801 South Cicero Avenue, Country Club Hills, IL. 60478 where his pastor is Suffragan Bishop Eddie G. Richards Jr.

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