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Christian Magazines

These publications contain articles about 20 Century Pentecostalism


Publication Articles Concerning Pentecost Month Year
Charisma 100 Years of Pentecost April 2006
Charisma The Other Pentecostals (Oneness) June 1997
Charisma New Leadership, Signals Changes in the UPCI June 2002
Charisma 90 Years of Pentecost April 1996
Christian History The Rise of Pentecostalism Issue 58 N/A
Christianity Today Pentecostal's The Sequel April 2006
Dimensions Digest Celebrating 90 Years of Classical Pentecostalism... N/A 1996
Enrichment The Azusa Street Revival 100 Years Spring 2006
Pentecostal Evangel The Spiritual Explosion at Stones Folly Dec 1990
Pentecostal Evangel 1900's The Pentecostal Century Jan 2000
Pentecostal Evangel 20 of the Most Significant Events of the 20th Century May 1998
Pentecostal Evangel 100 Years of Faith April 2014
Pentecostal Herald 100 Years (1913-2013) The Jesus Name Message N/A 2013
Pentecostal Messenger 1901-2001: 100 Years of Pentecostalism Jan 2001
Today's Pentecostal Evangel Happy 100th Birthday Azusa Street Feb 2006
Vision Howard Goss and the Revival at the Alvin Depot Nov/Dec 2005


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