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Apostolic Ministers Funerals

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The Funerals Listed Below Are On DVD Format.

Name Date Price Quality Format Product Code
Alvear, Dorothy (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV13
Baxter, Irvin Jr. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV14
Bayer, Robert (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV15
Bonner, Ethel Mae (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV16
Bonner, William L. (Funeral) 4-24-15 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV17
Bowers, Paul A. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV18
Branham, William M. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV19
Brock, Lou (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV20
Buie, Bill (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV21
Burr, Hattie Ellen (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV22
Calk, Daniel (Funeral) 4-10-91 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV2
Calloway, Lucille (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV24
Clark, Shedrick (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV79
Copeland, Timothy (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV25
Craft, Tommy L. (Visitation) 11-4-22 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV27
Craft, Tommy L. (Funeral) 11-5-22 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV28
Craft, Tommy L. (Graveside Service) 11-5-22 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV29
Davis, Charles Edward (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV26
Dudley, C.B. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV30
Edwards, Albert (Funeral) 2022 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV31
Ellis, David (Victory Service)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV31
Ellis, David (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV33
Ellis, William A. Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV34
Ellis, Wilma Ruth (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV35
Ewing, Murrell (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV36
Floyd, Nelson (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV37
Free, Charles Rodney (Funeral) 2003 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV38
Garrett, William J. (Visitation)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV3
Garrett, William J. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV4
Gazowsky, Marilyn (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV39
Glass, Arless (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV40
Golder, M.E. (Viewing the Casket)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV78
Golder, M.E. (Homegoing Celebration)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV5
Golder, M.E. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV6
Guidroz, V.A. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV41
Haney, Joy (Funeral) 3-23-23 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV42
Haney, Kenneth (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV43
Hannah, Michael (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV44
Havens, Delbert (Funeral) 8-28-21 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV45
Hicks, A.W. (Funeral) 11-29-86 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV46
Hicks, Marvin (Funeral) 12-29-14 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV47
James, Johnny (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV48
Johnson, Don (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV49
Johnson, James A. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV50
Johnson, Thomas (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV72
Kilgore, Imogene 6-30-00 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV1
Little, Vanuel C. (Funeral) 11-17-23 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV51
Locke, Iona (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV52
Lyle, A.L. (Funeral) 11-28-23 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV53
McMurray, Robert W.   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV7
Miller, Mervyn (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV55
Mooney, Micki (Funeral) 6-30-20 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV56
Moore, Benjamin T. (Funeral) 1988 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV57
Morgan, Kenneth (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV58
Praddo, Ari (Funeral) 2023 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV59
Price, Paul (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV60
Pryor, Paul (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV61
Rambo, Dottie (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV62
Roberts, Tony (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV63
Sanders, Henry (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV64
Sanders, Rufus (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV65
Spell, B.A. (Pre-funeral service)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV68
Spell, B.A. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV67
Spell, B.A. (Graveside Service)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV66
Streeval, Garry D. (Funeral) 9-22-23 $15.00 Good DSD AMFV69
Tenney, Tom Fred (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV70
Terrell, Lois Gatlin (Funeral) 2023 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV71
Tuminello, Steve (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV73
Tyson, James Edison (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV74
Urshan, Jean (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV9
Urshan, Jean (Memorial Presentation) 2007 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV12
Urshan, Nathaniel A. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV8
Urshan, Nathaniel A. (Memorial Presentation) 2005 $15.00 Good DVD AMFV11
Wagner, Norman L. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV75
Wauls, R.A. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV76
Williams, Smallwood E. (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV77
Wilson, Jewel (Funeral)   $15.00 Good DVD AMFV10


The Funerals Listed Below Are On (CD) Compact Disc Format.

Name Date Price Quality Format Product Code
Garrett, William J. (Funeral) 2012 $20.00 Good CD AMFA1
Hancock, Annie Douglas   $20.00 Good CD AMFA2
Hughes, Oscar "Pappy"   $20.00 Good CD AMFA3
Parham, Pauline (Three CD's)   $20.00 Good CD AMFA4
Reed, Jeremiah   $20.00 Good CD AMFA5
Sipes, Cassius   $20.00 Good CD AMFA6
Thurman, Tiny Forgey 5-5-99 $20.00 Good CD AMFA8
Urshan, A.D.   $20.00 Good CD AMFA7