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Harvestime UPCI Radio Program

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Speaker Title Date Price Product Code Quality
Tenney, T.F. Chance Loves Takes, The 8-5-79 $12.00 TT061 Good
Tenney, T.F. Comforter Has Come, The 11-11-79 $12.00 TT006  
Tenney, T.F. Home, Where Is Father, The 5-27-79 $12.00 TT065 Good
Tenney, T.F. Home, God's Heaven On Earth, The 5-20-79 $12.00 TT066 Good
Tenney, T.F. Invitation To The Supernatural N/A $12.00 TT059 Good
Tenney, T.F. Last Act That Crowns The Play, The N/A $12.00 TT060 Good
Tenney, T.F. Life At Kaddesh Barnea 11-4-79 $12.00 TT007  
Tenney, T.F. Lord Our God Is One, The N/A $12.00 TT067 Good
Tenney, T.F. Power of A Crumb, The 8-19-79 $12.00 TT038 Good
Tenney, T.F. When Truth Met Mercy 7-29-79 $12.00 TT037 Good
Tenney, T.F. Word Only, The 8-12-79 $12.00 TT063 Good
Treece, Marvin D. Interview 2-24-80 $12.00 MT003  
Urshan, N.A. 20th Anniversary Broadcast 1961 $12.00 NA149 Good
Urshan, N.A. A Need For Apostolic Revival 8-31-75 $12.00 NA001  
Urshan, N.A. An Unchanging God For Changing Times 1961 $12.00 NU150 Good
Urshan, N.A. Appreciation Service (Tenney to be the new speaker) 1978 $12.00 NU151 Good
Urshan, N.A. Blood of Christ Jesus 1-16-77 $12.00 NU156 Good
Urshan, N.A. Christ In Prophecy 5-5-74 $12.00 NU006  
Urshan, N.A. Four Dimensions of Love N/A $12.00 NU162 Good
Urshan, N.A. Holy Spirit at Work, The 1-23-77 $12.00 NU157 Good
Urshan, N.A. Is The Holy Ghost For Us Today 10-17-76 $12.00 NU152 Good
Urshan, N.A. Normal New Testament Salvation 10-24-76 $12.00 NU154 Good
Urshan, N.A. No Other Name N/A $12.00 NU083  
Urshan, N.A. Outpouring Of God's Spirit, The 9-11-77 $12.00 NU155 Good
Urshan, N.A. Outpouring of the Holy Ghost, The 6-2-74 $12.00 NU049  
Urshan, N.A. Power Of The Word Of God, The 1978 $12.00 NU152 Good
Urshan, N.A. Prophecies of Our Lord 10-22-77 $12.00 NU158 Good
Urshan, N.A. Repentance To Restore Revival 5-26-74 $12.00 NU041  
Urshan, N.A. Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost 9-25-77 $12.00 NU148 Good
Urshan, N.A. Second coming, The 2-13-77 $12.00 NU161 Good
Urshan, N.A. Signs of the Times 3-14-77 $12.00 NU160 Good
Urshan, N.A. That in All Things He Might Have Preeminence 2-20-77 $12.00 NU159 Good
Urshan, N.A. Time To Live 4-28-74 $12.00 NU063  
Urshan, N.A. UPCI Conference, Radio Broadcast N/A $12.00 NU066  
Urshan, N.A. We Preach Christ 3-20-77 $12.00 NU157 Good
Urshan, N.A. Whom Do Men Say That I Am? 6-6-82 $12.00 NU132 Good
Urshan, N.A. Ye Shall Receive Power... 5-30-82 $12.00 NU133 Good
Wilson, Nate Difference In A Decade, The 3-2-80 $12.00 NW017 Good
Wilson, Nate Is The New Testament A Book? N/A $12.00 NW019 Excellent
Wilson, Nate Lost N/A $12.00 NW020 Excellent