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James, Dr. Johnny (PAW)

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Dr. Johnny James

"The Walking Bible" Affiliation - Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

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Subject Date Price Product Code
Apostolic Fathers, The N/A $15.00 JJV11
Apostolic Summit - Break Out Sessions N/A $15.00 JJV14
Chemistry of the Gospel, The (Indianapolis) 5-16-93 $15.00 GAC-A25
Chemistry of the Gospel, The 2-4-99 $15.00 JJV02
Coming of Jesus, The N/A $15.00 JJV17
God Doing Business As Jesus N/A $15.00 JJV13
How To Preach and Help Nobody. (BOTT) 2001 $15.00 JJV06
Old Ministry For A New Millenium 2006 $15.00 JJV15
Seconds Beats First (BOTT) 1-21-01 $15.00 JJV08
State of the Apostolic Church, The 2006 $15.00 JJV16
Talk Session 1-11-87 $15.00 JJV05
There's Nobody Like Jesus (BOTT) 1998 $15.00 JJV07
Three-Fold Glory of the Church, The 11-2-06 $15.00 JJV10
What Do You Have When You Have Jesus  1-11-87  $15.00 JJV03 
What's Right With The Church (BOTT) 1-31-99 $15.00 JJV09
When Second Beats First N/A $15.00 JJV12
"Witnessing" 4-19-87 $15.00 JJV04