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Garrett, William J. (DVD Options - 2000's)

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Dr. William J. Garrett

Affiliated with the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

DVD Sermon Options from the 2000's

2000 Title Price Product Code
12-31-00 The Elect Lady (Hollywood, FL) $15.00 WJG-V32


2001 Title Price Product Code
12-30-01 Why Art Thou Lean (Hollywood, FL.) $15.00 WJG-V312


2005 Title Price Product Code
10-30-05 The WOW Factor (High Point, NC) $15.00 WJG-V287
10-30-05 So Is A Man To His Praise (High Point, NC) $15.00 WJG-V310


2006 Title Price Product Code
5-26-06 IF (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V33
5-27-06 The Wow Factor (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V34
12-6-06 IF (Baton Rouge, LA) $15.00 WJG-V292
12-7-06 No Title (Baton Rouge, LA) $15.00 WJG-V288
12-8-06 No Title (Baton Rouge, LA) $15.00 WJG-V291
12-10-06 We Must Save Our Future (Baton Rouge, LA) $15.00 WJG-V289
12-10-06 The Resurrection (Baton Rouge, LA) $15.00 WJG-V290


2007 Title Price Product Code
5-26-07 Don't Underestimate Your Enemy (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V294
5-27-07 The Awesome Power of Time (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V293


2008 Title Price Product Code
5-24-08 Everything is Tied to Time (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V295
5-25-08 It's Not Over Until God Say's So (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V296


2009 Title Price Product Code
5-30-09 Points To Ponder (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V36
5-31-09 In the Process of Time (Lompoc, CA) $15.00 WJG-V35


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