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Garrett, William J. (DVD Options - 1980's)

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Dr. William J. Garrett

Affiliated with the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

DVD Sermon Options for the 1980's

1982 Title Price Product Code
1982 Bible Class (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V46
1982 Bible Class (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V48
1982 To Be A Soldier (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V49
1982 Seek Ye the Lord (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V50
1982 The Supply of the Spirit (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V51
1982 Special Things (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V52
1982 Marriage and Divorce (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V53
1982 From the Abundance of the Heart (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V55
5/82 The Language of Salvation (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V54
5-23-82 Have Ye Not Many Father's (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V01
8-1-82 Bible Class (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V47
11-5-82 Why Stand Ye Gazing (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V02


1983 Title Price Product Code
7-18-83 Separated Unto God (Joplin, MO) $15.00 WJG-V56

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