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Johnson, James A. (PAW)

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Bishop James A. Johnson

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Minister

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Title Date Price Product Code
Anniversary Message (Grace Apostolic Church, Indianapolis, IN.) 1983 $15.00 GAC-A2
Be Ye Holy For I Am Holy N/A $15.00 JAJ-V02
Communion Service Message 8-1-89 $15.00 JAJ-V04
Faithfulness of Jesus Christ, The 2005 $15.00 JAJ-V03
Jesus Came to Save Sinners (Grace Apostolic Church) N/A $15.00 GAC-A4
No Title (IMCWA Convention) 8-1-89 $15.00 JAJ-V09
One Name, One People, One Glory (PAW Convention) 8-12-88 $15.00 JAJ-V07
Resting In Christ 8-12-92 $15.00 JAJ-V01
Upon This Rock (Bethesda Temple St. Louis) N/A $15.00 JAJ-V08