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Bishop William Lee Bonner

Chief Apostle of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Title Price Date Product Code
A Divide Decree $20.00 N/A WLBV47
Acts 2 $20.00 N/A WLBV36
All These Blessings $20.00 N/A WLBV57
Apostolic Church (part-1) $20.00 N/A WLBV48
Apostle W.L. Bonner Preaching $20.00 N/A WLBV34
Are You As Blessed As I Am $20.00 N/A WLBV49
Baptism In The Name $20.00 N/A WLBV50
Beast in the Temple $20.00 N/A WLBV22
Being Pentecostal $20.00 N/A WLBV51
Bishop Bonner $20.00 N/A WLNV52
Bishop W.L. Bonner $20.00 12-12-91 WLBV60
Bishop W.L. Bonner (preaching late in his life) $20.00 N/A WLBV85
Bishop W.L. Bonner #1 $20.00 N/A WLBV53
Bishop W.L. Bonner #2 $20.00 N/A WLBV54
Bishop W.L. Bonner #3 $20.00 N/A WLBV55
Bishop W.L. Bonner (Age 91) $20.00 N/A WLBV56
Bishop W.L. Bonner's last Message at Solomon's Temple $20.00 N/A WLBV58
Black and White $20.00 N/A WLBV38
Brenden Byrne Arena Crusade $20.00 1989 WLBV44
Brother You've Gone Through the Wrong Door $20.00 N/A WLBV59
Chief Apostle Bonner $20.00 12-12-91 WLBV121
Church History (part-2) $20.00 N/A WLBV33
Claim What's Yours $20.00 N/A WLBV27
COOLJC Convention $20.00 2007 WLBV45
Day God Put Satan Out of the Church, The $20.00 N/A WLBV13
Decree $20.00 N/A WLBV35
Do You Have the Anointing $20.00 N/A WLBV96
Does It Work $20.00 N/A WLBV61
Door Is Open, No Man Can Shut It, The $20.00 N/A WLBV7
Don't Make Me Your Prisoner $20.00 2-11-90 WLBV9
Don't Worry About Your Enemies $20.00 N/A WLNV8
False Prophets, Homosexuality, and Women Preachers $20.00 N/A WLBV62
Fight for Your Birthright $20.00 N/A WLBV63
First Sunday in 2009 $20.00 N/A WLBV64
God Blessed Ham, But Shem and Japeth Were Cursed $20.00 N/A WLBV20
God Is Getting Ready to Make His Move $20.00 N/A WLBV65
Guaranteed Success $20.00 N/A WLBV4
He Is Able $20.00 N/A WLBV66
He Knew Too Much $20.00 N/A WLBV67
Holy Convocation $20.00 2007 WLBV46
Home-going Service for Miriam R. Norwood $20.00 N/A WLBV68
Hot Preaching $20.00 N/A WLNV69
How Do You See God $20.00 2005 WLBV17
How To Survive in the Storm $20.00 N/A WLBV14
I Am Alive $20.00 N/A WLBV70
I Just can't Stop Praising His Name $20.00 N/A WLBV71
I Need A Drink $20.00 N/A WLBV43
I Refuse to Die Like This $20.00 N/A WLBV72
I Want All My Blessings $20.00 N/A WLBV73
I Want My Portion $20.00 N/A WLBV74
If Your Going To Hell Please Don't Take Me With You $20.00 N/A WLBV75
It's A Revolution $20.00 6-26-89 WLBV21
It's Impossible for God to Lie (part-1) $20.00 N/A WLBV76
It's Impossible for God to Lie (part-2) $20.00 N/A WLBV77
It's In the Name $20.00 N/A WLBV23
It's Time to Put Wood on the Fire $20.00 N/A WLBV78
It's Too Late to Change $20.00 N/A WLBV79
It's What You Chose $20.00 N/A WLBV24
It's Yours to Claim $20.00 N/A WLBV80
I've Come Too Far to Turn Around $20.00 N/A WLBV81
Jacksonville, Florida $20.00 N/A WLBV82
Jesus What Do You Have Against Me $20.00 N/A WLBV83
Kill All The Damned Prophets $20.00 N/A WLBV84
Master and Slave $20.00 N/A WLBV39
Miracles $20.00 9-15-80 WLBV42
Morning Joy $20.00 1-30-83 WLBV40
Moving Against Your Mountain $20.00 N/A WLBV25
My Foot Almost Slipped $20.00 N/A WLBV86
My Word Shall Not Pass $20.00 N/A WLBV87
Never Deny What You Know $20.00 7-21-85 WLBV88
No Weapon that Is Formed... $20.00 N/A WLBV1
Refuge Temple in D.C. $20.00 N/A WLBV90
Pentecost Service $20.00 11-14-99 WLBV41
Pentecost Sunday $20.00 5-23-10 WLBV89
Racism (lesson-One) $20.00 N/A WLBV5
Racism (lesson-Two) $20.00 N/A WLBV6
Rejection of the Truth, The $20.00 N/A WLBV3
Religion Without Joy $20.00 N/A WLBV91
Saints Under Pressure $20.00 4-26-92 WLBV2
Satan, Why Are You Sitting In Church $20.00 N/A WLBV16
Satan's Power Is Broken $20.00 N/A WLBV92
Shouting The Victory $20.00 N/A WLBV93
Solomon's Temple (Preaching) $20.00 7-28-13 WLBV94
Solomon's Temple (Preaching) $20.00 N/A WLBV95
Someone Needs to Repent $20.00 11-14-99 WLBV97
Speaking About the 911 Attacks $20.00 N/A WLBV98
Spiritually Blind $20.00 N/A WLBV30
Surviving The Storm $20.00 N/A WLBV100
67th Birthday $20.00 N/A WLBV15
Take The A-Train $20.00 N/A WLBV101
Talking About Moses $20.00 N/A WLBV102
Testimonies $20.00 N/A WLBV37
That Which Is of God Cannot Be Stopped $20.00 N/A WLBV10
The Battle With Enlightenment $20.00 N/A WLBV103
The Blind Saints Called God A Liar $20.00 N/A WLBV104
The Day God Put Satan Out of the Church $20.00 N/A WLBV105
The Demand of Power Is Broken $20.00 N/A WLBV106
The God That Cannot Lie $20.00 N/A WLBV107
The Immutable God $20.00 N/A WLBV108
The Miracle Is In Your Mouth $20.00 N/A WLBV109
The Open Door $20.00 N/A WLBV110
The Power of Thoughts $20.00 N/A WLBV111
The Priesthood (part-1) $20.00 N/A WLBV31
The Priesthood (part-2) $20.00 N/A WLBV32
The Real Soul of Man $20.00 N/A WLBV112
Theology of Faith $20.00 N/A WLBV28
Those In the Seat of Unbelief Cannot Fly $20.00 N/A WLBV29
Time Is Now, The $20.00 6-11-89 WLBV11
This Door Shall Be Open $20.00 N/A WLBV113
To This Name Jesus $20.00 N/A WLBV26
Walking Around $20.00 N/A WLBV114
We Will Never Forget Bishop Bonner $20.00 N/A WLBV115
What Kind of Demon Are You Wrestling With $20.00 N/A WLBV19
What's Going On In This House $20.00 N/A WLBV116
When God Put A Saint In the Hand of Satan $20.00 N/A WLBV117
Why Did You Lie To Me $20.00 N/A WLBV18
With God All Things Are Possible $20.00 N/A WLBV118
You Have Left Your First Love $20.00 N/A WLBV99
You Might Not Believe My Story, But It Is True $20.00 7-19-87 WLBV12
Your Root Won't Work $20.00 N/A WLBV119
You've Gone Through the Wrong Door $20.00 N/A WLBV120

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