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Ballestero, Martyn (UPCI)

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Rev. Marty Ballestero

Affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International

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Price Title Location Date Product Code
$15.00 A Covenant Protected Community  Connersville, Indiana 1995 MBV010
$15.00 Being Directed by the Lord's Eye's Hollywood, FL. 3-23-91 MBV030
$15.00 Buy The Whole Field   11-4-07 MBV016
$15.00 Draw Nigh Unto God  Connersville, Indiana 9-1-02 MBV007
$15.00 Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Sunday School Hollywood, FL. 3-15-96 MBV027
$15.00 God Is For Us   6-8-93 MBV001
$15.00 God Is Greater Than Your Heart Hollywood, FL. 3-22-91 MBV026
$15.00 Hearts that God Couldn't Reach  Hollywood, Florida 3-24-90 MBV025
$15.00 I Am The Church  Connersville, Indiana 9-7-98 MBV008
$15.00 It Was Good  Connersville, Indiana 8-29-03 MBV013
$15.00 It's In Your Hands Hollywood, FL. 3-4-01 MBV028
$15.00 Magnificent Obcession  Connersville, Indiana 9-9-07 MBV021
$15.00 No Title  Connersville, Indiana 8-30-02 MBV009
$15.00 No Title  Connersville, Indiana 2010 MBV019
$15.00 No Title   6-3-07 MBV015
$15.00 No Title  Connersville, Indiana 9-9-07 MBV020
$15.00 Put Jesus First  Joplin, MO. 5-26-96 MBV005
$15.00 Sanctified  Hollywood, Florida 3-14-97 MBV024
$15.00 Six Steps of Carefulness   6-14-98 MBV003
$15.00 The Mercy Connection Hollywood, FL. 3-10-00 MBV002
$15.00 The Unattractiveness of Home  Hollywood, Florida 3-13-98 MBV004
$15.00 The Unattractiveness of Home  Connersville, Indiana 9-6-98 MBV006
$15.00 Trembling For The Ark Hollywood, FL. 3-13-99 MBV029
$15.00 When God Builds You A Prayer Room  Connersville, Indiana 1995 MBV011
$15.00 When God Builds You A Prayer Room  Hollywood, Florida 3-16-96 MBV023
$15.00 When Saving You, Dosen't Make Sense  Denver, Colorado 2005 MBV014
$15.00 Why This Is An Awesome Church  Connersville, Indiana 8-31-03 MBV012
$15.00 Why You Need The Holy Ghost   11-2-07 MBV018
$15.00 Why We Fight   3-23-90 MBV022
$15.00 Willing To Play Hurt   11-1-07 MBV017

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