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Bass, Wade

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Rev. Wade Bass

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Price Title Location Date Product Code
$15.00 A Perfect Heart Hollywood, Florida 12-18-01 WBV08
$15.00 He Followed Jesus In The Way   N/A WBV03
$15.00 Importance of True Worship, The Hollywood, Florida 6-5-02 WBV07
$15.00 No Subject (A.M.)   2-12-89 WBV04
$15.00 No Subject (P.M.)   2-12-89 WBV05
$15.00 There Are Many Adversaries  Hollywood, Florida 3-11-94 WBV06
$15.00 We Have A Strong City   N/A WBV01
$15.00 No Subject   N/A WBV02

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