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Alvear, Juan (AMF)

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Rev. Juan Alvear

Affiliated with the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

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Title Location Date Price Product Code
From Consecration and Holiness to Miraculous Hollywood, FL. 10-14-01 $15.00 JAV06
God's Gifts For Men   5-15-96 $15.00 JAV04
"IF" Hollywood, FL. 10-10-01 $15.00 JAV07
Moving Forward With God's Movement Hollywood, FL. 10-14-01 $15.00 JAV05
No Subject   6-26-85 $15.00 JAV01
No Subject   8-7-90 $15.00 JAV02
To Whom Is the Arm of the Lord Revealed   10-19-82 $15.00 JAV03

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