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Opperman, D.C.O. (PAW)

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The articles listed below were written by the late Daniel C.O. Opperman. He was an early pioneer of the Apostolic faith, and Oneness movement. Opperman started the first Oneness Bible school in 1915 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Rev. Daniel C.O. Opperman


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D.C.O. Opperman Current Events Christian Outlook Jan  1923 $3.50 DCO01
D.C.O. Opperman  Sayings From Preachers  Christian Outlook  Jan  1923  $3.50  DCO02 
D.C.O. Opperman Wrestling Preachers Christian Outlook Jan  1923 $3.50 DCO03
D.C.O. Opperman Current Events Christian Outlook April 1923 $3.50 DCO04