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Articles Written By

Rev. James L. Groce

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A New Experience for the New Church $3.50 JGA-2
Acts 2:38: The Gospel To The Jew and To The Gentile $3.50 JGA-3
Adam & Eve $3.50 JGA-4
Adornment and Dress $3.50 JGA-5
Apostasy: A Fulfillment of Prophecy in Latter Days $3.50 JGA-6
Baptismal Formula: In The Name Of Jesus $3.50 JGA-7
Be Different, Make A Difference $3.50 JGA-8
Below All Else, The Foundation $3.50 JGA-9
"Caught" $3.50 JGA-10
Comparison of the Great Commission Accounts $3.50 JDA-11
Don't Commit The Sin Of Negligence $3.50 JGA-12
Give To Take God at His Word $3.50 JGA-13
His Name Is Wonderful $3.50 JGA-14
I Have A Complaint Against Complainers $3.50 JGA-15
I Solemnly Swear $3.50 JGA-16
If You Worship Your Way In, You Can Worship Your Way Out $3.50 JGA-17
In Name Only $3.50 JGA-18
It's The Second Mile That Counts $3.50 JGA-19
Looking Up Close At Achan's Sin $3.50 JGA-20
Me and Elijah - Two Peas in a Pod? $3.50 JGA-21
Mirror, Mirror In The Book $3.50 JGA-22
New Testament Salvation $3.50 JGA-23
Pastoral Search Report $3.50 JGA-24
Persevere Or Perish $3.50 JGA-25
Prayer Must Be Learned $3.50 JGA-26
Purpose, Brethren, Purpose $3.50 JGA-27
Questions To Keep Me From Gossiping $3.50 JGA-28
Repentance, Water Baptism, and Works $3.50 JGA-29
Respect - The Fourth "R" $3.50 JGA-30
Samson The Man of Strong Muscles But Weak Morals $3.50 JGA-31
Satan's Three Main Weapons Against The Church $3.50 JGA-32
Seven Things We Need To Know $3.50 JGA-33
Simeon Finds Jesus $3.50 JGA-34
The Absalom Aberrant $3.50 JGA-50
The Church: The New Testament Ark $3.50 JGA-35
The Day of Pentecost And Tongues $3.50 JGA-36
The Demas Syndrome $3.50 JGA-37
The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat $3.50 JGA-38
The Grizzly and the Skunk $3.50 JGA-39
The Seven Life Giving Functions of the Blood $3.50 JGA-40
This Obey - not - Disobey $3.50 JGA-41
Three Beatitudes for a Church Member $3.50 JGA-1
Understanding The Silence of God $3.50 JGA-43
We Could Learn A Lot From Lot $3.50 JGA-44
What Can A Donkey Teach A Jackass? $3.50 JGA-45
When Sin Is Born - Something Dies! $3.50 JGA-46
Who Is To Blame? $3.50 JGA-47
Withholding The Key of Knowledge $3.50 JGA-48
You're Just Out of Date $3.50 JGA-49