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Pugh J.T. (UPCI)

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Rev. J.T. Pugh

United Pentecostal Church International

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Price Title Date Product Code
$10.00 A Saved Man's Hell N/A JTP24
$10.00 Changing Relationships N/A JTP32
$10.00 Church In Prophecy 1983 JTP08
$10.00 Courage To Let Go N/A JTP45
$10.00 Doing What You Can 1958 JTP16
$10.00 Failures 1958 JTP12
$10.00 Finding Our Place In God 1960 JTP05
$10.00 Forgotten Prayer Request N/A JTP03
$10.00 General Conference (UPCI) 1986 JTP26
$10.00 God Is The Master of Shadows N/A JTP38
$10.00 God's Cure For Desolation 1-24-01 JTP43
$10.00 Hard By the Gates of Hell 1966 JTP14
$10.00 I Make My Bed In Hell 1960 JTP11
$10.00 Making Your Bed In Hell 1960 JTP17
$10.00 New Testament Worship N/A JTP10
$10.00 Ministering to the New World Order 1994 JTP31
$10.00 Path's of God In the Sea N/A JTP27
$10.00 Praying For Other People 1988 JTP23
$10.00 Power with Man and Power with God 1958 JTP20
$10.00 Ready To Be Happy 1984 JTP25
$10.00 Removal of Humiliation, The (BOTT) N/A JTP42
$10.00 Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Man N/A JTP06
$10.00 Soul Winning 1958 JTP02
$10.00 Talking to Church 1977 JTP37
$10.00 The Cost and Rewards of Soul Winning 1958 JTP18
$10.00 The Forgotten and Ignored Prayer Request N/A JTP19
$10.00 The Importance of... 2003 JTP33
$10.00 The Importance of God's Purpose N/A JTP40
$10.00 The Marks of A Glorious Church 1958 JTP13
$10.00 The People of the Second Crossing N/A JTP34
$10.00 The Pull of the Future N/A JTP39
$10.00 The Scriptural Husband 1977 JTP36
$10.00 The Scriptural Wife 1977 JTP35
$10.00 The Seasons of Life N/A JTP41
$10.00 The Cry of A Soul N/A JTP30
$10.00 The Spoil Bank of Death 1969 JTP07
$10.00 The Third Feast N/A JTP29
$10.00 The Way of Cain 1960 JTP01
$10.00 Walking Away From Calvary 1985 JTP28
$10.00 Weep For Your Children 1958 JTP04
$10.00 Weep For Your Children 3-8-70 JTP44
$10.00 When Jesus Rejoiced 1958 JTP15
$10.00 Who Rules Your Kingdom 1977 JTP09
$10.00 Your First Night In Hell N/A JTP22