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Spell, James Anthony (CD Options)

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Rev James Anthony Spell

CD Sermon Options

Title Date Price Quality Product Code
41 Miles to Philadelphia (Joplin, MO) 6-1-14 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A05
Day of the Lord (Joplin, MO) 1-17-16 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A07
Faith to Finish (Joplin, MO) 6-2-13 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A04
Get Your Stuff Back (Joplin, MO) 11-27-10 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A01
How to Have A Successful Nervous Breakdown (Joplin, MO) 6-9-12 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A02
In the Middle of Everything Get Away from it All (Joplin, MO) 9-7-16 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A09
Preserving the Legacy (Joplin, MO) 11-11-17 $10.00 Excellent JAS0A11
Run With Patience (Joplin, MO) 1-17-16 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A06
Shall Revival Continue (Joplin, MO) 6-10-12 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A03
The Storm Will Not Last (Joplin, MO) 6-19-16 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A08
What Do You Do When the Brook Dries Up (Joplin, MO) 11-5-17 $10.00 Excellent JAS-A10

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