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Mefford, Dallas (AMF)

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Rev. Dallas Mefford

Price Title Date Product Code
$12.00 A Man's Foes N/A DM029
$12.00 Bore My Ear N/A DM039
$12.00 Bring Me A Lamb 1979 DM001
$12.00 Can Ignorance Save N/A DM027
$12.00 Christmas N/A DM030
$12.00 Communion N/A DM022
$12.00 Don't Be Children N/A DM023
$12.00 Dragnet of Your Mind, The N/A DM019
$12.00 Economy of Preaching, The 1976 DM011
$12.00 Eternal Efficiency of Calvary, The N/A DM037
$12.00 Glory of the First House, The 1983 DM009
$12.00 Grace N/A DM024
$12.00 I Am A Consumer 1981 DM007
$12.00 I Am Not A Pioneer 1984 DM014
$12.00 Is It A Fact N/A DM031
$12.00 Keeping the Faith Alive N/A DM032
$12.00 Key's To Salvation N/A DM036
$12.00 Lamb Slain, The N/A DM043
$12.00 Love N/A DM034
$12.00 Magnify The Lord 1974 DM012
$12.00 Marriage and Divorce N/A DM038
$12.00 Near Kinsman N/A DM040
$12.00 No Compromise N/A DM042
$12.00 Oh Say Can You See N/A DM033
$12.00 Pattern, The N/A DM025
$12.00 Polluted Bread N/A DM041
$12.00 Power N/A DM035
$12.00 Priesthood VS. the Ministry N/A DM026
$12.00 Salt 1973 DM003
$12.00 Scarlet Thread, The 1979 DM016
$12.00 Seeing The Lord 1976 DM002
$12.00 Spiritual Virtigo N/A DM020
$12.00 Strange Punishment 1978 DM006
$12.00 Suitable Bride For A King 1980 DM042
$12.00 To Plea the Court 1980 DM017
$12.00 Total Perspective, The N/A DM015
$12.00 Trademarks of the Master, The 1978 DM004
$12.00 Two Champs, The (Godhead) N/A DM021
$12.00 Two Fires, The N/A DM044
$12.00 Vicarious Nature of Christ 1980 DM005
$12.00 Victims of the Pot 1983 DM008
$12.00 Viewing the Law Through the Prism of Calvary 1998 DM018
$12.00 What Are You Feeding On N/A DM028
$12.00 Wherein Does Thy Strength Lie (Baton Rouge, LA.) 1980 DM013
$12.00 Wherein Does Thy Strength Lie (Joplin, MO.) 1980 DM010