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McMurray, R.W. (PAW)

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The late Bishop Robert W. McMurray

Price Title Date Product Code
$10.00 A Wild Ass On the Loose N/A RMA09
$10.00 Are You In the Wrong Mountain? N/A RMA18
$10.00 Can These Bones Live? N/A RMA19
$10.00 Do It In Jesus' Name N/A RMA17
$10.00 Great Commission, The N/A RMA20
$10.00 Have You Received the Holy Ghost N/A RMA14
$10.00 How Shall We Escape N/A RMA11
$10.00 I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel N/A RMA16
$10.00 If Our Gospel Be Hid... N/A RMA10
$10.00 It's Crying Time N/A RMA06
$10.00 Let That Heifer Alone N/A RMA05
$10.00 Like A Mighty Rushing Wind 1980 RMA07
$10.00 Love Never Fails N/A RMA23
$10.00 Name of Jesus, The N/A RMA22
$10.00 Pentecostal Experience, The N/A RMA21
$10.00 Save Your Self N/A RMA13
$10.00 The Heat Is On N/A RMA02
$10.00 There Is A Blessing In It 1980 RMA08
$10.00 There Is Hope For Me N/A RMA01
$10.00 We Are the Defenders of the Faith N/A RMA04
$10.00 We Are Troubled On Every Side N/A RMA14
$10.00 What If Some Did Not Believe N/A RMA12
$10.00 Your Hour of Temptation Is Here N/A RMA03