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Larson, James (UPCI)

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Rev. James Larson

Price Title Date Product Code
$12.00 Dynamic Living Is Produced By Dynamic Giving 1990 JL012
$12.00 God's Last Altar Call N/A  JL001 
$12.00 Grandfather Rode A Train 3-4-12 JL015
$12.00  How Do We Tackle the Task of Life?  1984  JL002 
$12.00 It's Later Than You Think N/A JL004
$12.00 My Life's Story 1985 JL003
$12.00 Postured To Be Blessable 3-18-12 JL016
$12.00 The Heart of Salvation... N/A JL005
$12.00 The Power that Actually Saves Us N/A JL008
$12.00 The Sweet By and By, Is the Sweet Now and Now 1984 JL006
$12.00 The Quality of An Apostolic Life N/A JL007
$12.00 Tonight Is Your Importunity 1991 JL011
$12.00 What In the World Is God Doing 1983 JL010
$12.00 When God Intervenes In Your Life 1991 JL013
$12.00 Where There Is No Vision 3-11-12 JL014
$12.00 Why Holiness Is A Major Doctrine In the UPC N/A JL009