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Layne, Samuel A. (PAW)

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Bishop Samuel A. Layne

Subject Price Date Product Code Quality
Are You Ready $12.00 6-7-92 SAL06 Excellent
Do You Know God $12.00 4-25-93 SAL08 Excellent
God Meaning Towards All of Us $12.00 4-9-93 SAL03 Excellent
It's Not Over Until It's Over $12.00 2-20-94 SAL02 Excellent
My Diet For 1996 $12.00 1-14-96 SAL07 Excellent
No One Can Repeat God's Time Clock $12.00 4-23-94 SAL05 Excellent
Vital Statistic Ignored by Man $12.00 1-21-96 SAL04 Excellent
Your Season for the Reason $12.00 N/A SAL01 Excellent