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The DVD's below are a collection of various historical events relating to early Apostolic/Pentecostalism. They range from, biographies, documentaries, interviews, memorial services, talk sessions, lectures, and celebrations. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Shipping and handling is included in the price.


 DVD Presentations of Pentecostal History


Speaker Subject Date Price Product Code Quality
A Life Story Rev. Frank Tamel N/A $20.00 DVD039 Good
Bernard, David (UPCI) Distinct Oneness Pentecost 1991 $20.00 DVD018  
Biography Life of G.A. Mangun N/A $20.00 DVD008 Good
Commemorization Life of C.P. Kilgore 1986 $20.00 DVD021 Good
Documentary COOLJC Museum N/A $20.00 DVD048 Good
Documentary Azusa Street Revival N/A $20.00 DVD023 Good
Documentary Life of Bishop W.L. Bonner N/A $20.00 DVD011 Good
Documentary Life of Bishop Paul Bowers 1996 $20.00 DVD007 Good
Documentary Life of Clyde and Olive Haney N/A $20.00 DVD009 Good
Documentary Pentecostal Snake Handlers N/A $20.00 DVD012 Good
50th Anniversary James L. Kilgore 11-9-07 $20.00 DVD036 Good
Fauss, David (UPCI) History of Texas District 1987 $20.00 DVD019 Good
God's Generals Bio of William M. Branham 1998 $20.00 DVD033 Good
God's Generals Bio of John A. Dowie 1998 $20.00 DVD034 Good
God's Generals Bio of John G. Lake N/A $20.00 DVD044 Good
God's Generals Bio of Amiee Semple Mcpherson N/A $20.00 DVD045 Good
God's Generals Bio of Charles F. Parham N/A $20.00 DVD043 Good
God's General's Bio of Evan Roberts N/A $20.00 DVD041 Good
God's Generals Bio of William "Daddy" Seymour N/A $20.00 DVD046 Good
God's Generals Bio of Maria Woodworth-Etter N/A $20.00 DVD042 Good
God's Generals Bio of Kathryn Kuhlman N/A $20.00 DVD047 Good
Golder, M.E. (PAW) History of the P.A.W. 1987 $20.00 DVD003 Fair
Golder, M.E. (PAW)  Life & Times of G.T. Haywood 1991 $20.00 DVD004 Good
Hall, J.L. (UPCI) Early Oneness Pentecostalism 1991 $20.00 DVD020 Fair
Hall, J.L. (UPCI) History of Pentecostalism 1991 $20.00 DVD015 Fair
Documentary History in the Making - The AG 2008 $20.00 DVD037 Good
Interview J.T. Pugh N/A $20.00 DVD028 Good
Interview James H. Simison N/A $20.00 DVD029 Good
Interview N.A. Urshan and M.E. Golder 1997 $20.00 DVD024 Good
Interview James A. Johnson on the PAW N/A $20.00 DVD032 Good
Interview B.T. Moore and Raymond Robinson N/A $20.00 DVD040 Good
Johnson, James A. (PAW) Talk Session 1986 $20.00 DVD014 Good
Memorial Service Bishop M.E. Golder 2000 $20.00 DVD005 Good
Memorial Service Bishop Frank John Tamel 2014 $20.00 DVD038 Good
Memorial Service Jean L. Urshan 2007 $20.00 DVD027 Good
Memorial Service Bishop N.A. Urshan (part-1) 2005 $20.00 DVD026 Good
Memorial Service Bishop N.A. Urshan (part-2) 2005 $20.00 DVD030 Good
Ministerial Hall of Fame Induction of C.P. and J.L. Kilgore 2007 $20.00 DVD022 Good
Paddock, Ross P. Life of G.T. Haywood 1990 $20.00 DVD010 Good
P.A. of W. 100 Years of Jesus' Name Message 2013 $20.00 DVD035 Good
Robertson, Rex Documenrary CLC Church (Joplin, MO.) 2007 $20.00 DVD006 Good
Interview Robinson, Elder Henry (PAW) 1985 $20.00 DVD001 Good
Simison, T. (UPCI) History of Indiana District 1991 $20.00 DVD016 Good
Smith, Francis (PAW) Talk Session 1994 $20.00 DVD013 Good
Spellman, Robert (COOLJC) History of Black Oneness 1991 $20.00 DVD017 Good
Bishop James E. Tyson Talk Session 1995 $20.00 DVD031 Good
Interview Urshan, N.A. (UPCI) N/A $20.00 DVD002 Good
Urshan, N.A. / Golder, M.E. History of Pentecost In Indianapolis 1991 $20.00 DVD025 Good