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Apostolic History

The CD's below is a collection of Church history relating to Pentecostalism. They range from, biographies, documentaries, interviews, memorial services, talk sessions, lectures, and special occasions. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Shipping and handling is included in the price.


Speaker Subject Price Product Code Quality
34th Anniversary, Shelbyville 1st Night Preliminaries $10.00 HA-47 Good
Panel of Speakers AIAD Conference $10.00 HA039 Good
Arnold Sr, Marvin Apostolic Church History $10.00 HA038 Good
Catley, Lawrence Eyewitness of Azusa Street Revival  $10.00  HA001   
Cavaness, R.C. Funeral of Cast Sipes $10.00 HA033  
Discussion AIAD Conference - 9-27-08 $10.00 HA037 Good
Memorial Funeral of Rev. Pappy Hughes $10.00 HA034  
Chambers, Stanley  Life and Times of Howard A. Goss  $10.00  HA002   
Fauss, Oliver F. History of the Oneness Pentecostal Church $10.00 HA036 Good
Glass, Art The Bonnie Brae House Preservation (1989) $10.00 HA032  
Golder, Morris E. A Goodly Heritage (part-1) $10.00 HA003  
Golder, Morris E. A Goodly Heritage (part-2) $10.00 HA004  
Golder & N.A. Urshan Feasting With The Bishop's $10.00 HA035  
Golder, Morris E. History of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World $10.00 HA005  
Golder, Morris E. Life and Times of G.T. Haywood $10.00 HA006  
Golder, Morris E. Life and Times of G.T. Haywood (different) $10.00 HA007  
Golder, Morris E. Apostolic Roots (lesson-1) $10.00 HA008  
Golder, Morris E. Apostolic Roots (lesson-2) $10.00 HA009  
Golder, Morris E. Apostolic Roots (lesson-3) $10.00 HA010  
Griesinger. Fred W. Reflections on Azusa Street Revival $10.00 HA012  
Griesinger, Fred W. Reflections on Frank J. Ewart $10.00 HA013  
Hall, J.L. Ministry of Frank J. Ewart $10.00 HA014  
Hromas, Bobi Parham      100th Anniversary of Katy Apostolic Church $10.00 HA015  
Kilgore, James L. Profile of C.P. Kilgore $10.00 HA018  
Morgan, Mrs, A.T. Pioneers of the Name (excerpts of UPC ministers) $10.00 HA011  
Parham, Pauline Our Pentecostal Heritage (lecture) $10.00 HA022  
Robeck, C.M. Jr. Impact of the Azusa Revival $10.00 HA028  
Robeck, C.M. Jr. Impact of the Holiness Movement $10.00 HA029  
Robeck, C.M. Jr. Azusa Revival - The Impact of Missionary Vision $10.00 HA030  
Robeck, C.M. Jr. Azusa - The Impact on Glossolalic Understanding $10.00 HA031  
Rowe Brother's The Beginning of the AWCF $10.00 HA040  
Sabin, Robert The Apostolic Church In History $10.00 HA025  
Showell, Cornelius Off-springs of the P.A.W. $10.00 HA016  
Smith, Francis Profile of G.T. Haywood $10.00 HA023  
Smith, William History of Pentecost In California $10.00 HA017  
Spellman, Robert History of Black Oneness Organizations $10.00 HA024  
U.P.C.I. Oneness Symposium (part-1) $10.00 HA019  
U.P.C.I. Oneness Symposium (part-2) $10.00 HA020  
U.P.C.I. Oneness Symposium (panel of ministers) $10.00 HA021  
Urshan, Benjamin History of Apostolic Bible Church $10.00 HA026  
Urshan, N.A. Profile of A.D. Urshan $10.00 HA027  
Warner, Wayne E. David Lee Floyd - Interview (2-26-81) $10.00 HA042  
Warner, Wayne E. David Lee Floyd - Interview (4-10-81) $10.00 HA041  
Williams, Ernest S. Interview (9-23-80) $10.00 HA043  
Williams, Ernest S. Interview Concerning Azusa Street Revival $10.00 HA044  
Williams, Ernest S. Interview (94 Years Old) $10.00 HA045  
Williams, Ernest S. Interview $10.00 HA046